I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 8

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Kris

January 16th~31st Pay day

On the 16th of January, a certain accident occurred.

Due to one of the footholds at the construction site crumbling, one of my colleagues fell down.

Luckily for him, it happened in front of my eyes. I immediately stopped time and carried him to a safe spot.

If I hadn’t stopped time immediately, the falling speed would have accumulated and would have probably resulted in my colleague getting hurt despite being carried to a safe place. Luckily I managed to stop time the moment it started to crumble.

To my surprise, we were immediately surrounded by a lot of people. Luckily, it didn’t turn into a problem.

Up until now, I had regularly used teleportation and stopping time in order to take breaks at work or go home after work. I’ve had it pretty easy.

Due to the accident, it occurred to me that it would actually be pretty cool if I could use my abilities not only for myself, but to help other people as well.

Looking at myself, who’s in desperate need of money and is able to stop time at will, some people would probably advise me to resort to underhanded means because I’ll never be caught. However, I despise those kinds of acts.

If the gacha was left there by god, it might as well just disappear if I do something bad.

If that strange gacha could exist, then it wouldn’t be strange if god also exists.

Despite saying all of that, I still have no idea on how to make a lot of money. However, I won’t give up thinking about it.


January 31st, my payday.

As usual, I brought my 140,000 YEN and started inserting them into the gacha.

This time, something unexpected came out.

Fire Magic (I) R

Wind Magic (I) R

Strength Increase (I) R

Telepathy (I) R x2

Physical Resistance (I) R

Magic Resistance (I) R

Clairvoyance (I) SR

Appraisal (I) R

Detection (I) R

Class Slate: Hero SSR

Class Slate: Fighter R

Class Slate: Magic Knight SR

Class Slate: Beast Master R

‘An SSR Class Slate! A “Hero” on top of that!’  

I got extremely excited. I immediately touched the slate, but nothing appeared.

 ‘Apparently I cannot become a Hero at this point in time. Or maybe there’s some kind of condition.’

Either way, I decided to eat all of the candies as usual. After which, my status changed to this.

Classless Lv1

HP 44/44

MP ∞/∞

Strength 18.2  19.6

Defense 12  13

Magic Defense 20.8  22.4

Agility 14.3

Dexterity 15.6

Wisdom 21.6

Luck 21

[Unique Skills]

Space and Time Manipulation

Infinite Magic Power

[Skills]                                                              [Magic]

Appraisal (II)                                              Wind Magic (II)

Detection (IV)                                            Earth Magic (III)

Strength Increase (IV)                                 Fire Magic (III)

Clairvoyance (III)                                      Light Magic (II)

SP Increase (II)                                     Summoning Magic (I)

Cold and Heat Resistance (I)                   Lightning Magic (I)

Physical Resistance (III)                           Water Magic (II)

Magic Resistance (IV)                                Dark Magic (I)

Magic Aptitude (II)                              Strengthening Magic (I)

Growth Speed (II)

Stealth (I)

Agility Increase (III)

Precise Repair (II)

Coercion (I)

Thought Acceleration (I)

Telepathy (II)

‘I got distracted by the Hero slate, but what’s this “Telepathy” skill?’ 

After using Appraisal on it, I found that it can be used to talk to other people telepathically or read other people’s thoughts.

It could be somewhat useful. After all, it can be used to see through people’s lies.

‘If I’m able to read other people’s thoughts, there’ll be times when I might get hurt doing so. I need to be careful when using it.’

[ TL NOTE : Hey guys, it’s your translator here to make a quick announcement! After some discussion, and due to the fact that the pace of story is quite slow for the first 15 chapters we decided to raise the daily chapter count to 2 until the end of Arc 1! ]



  1. True it wouldn’t be nice hearing people who were good to you and finding out they were actually thinking malicious things about you… But it could help in filtering which people can be trusted and which cannot. Though it seems like the most common are detection and strength increase and magic resistance.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. This one is more sensible than the one I read some times ago who did criminal thing when he got gamer-like powers . Turn out it is not the only one that is game-like …. a rpg death game.

    1. I thought the same thing, he actually has a sensible head on his shoulders, which will definitely help him in the long run, so make sure you stick around for his future journeys!

    1. I’m the one that should be thanking people for deciding to stick with it for a whole week despite not a lot of stuff happening 😀 I hope that you’ll continue to follow our protagonist in his future adventures as well!

  3. So, when he going to take class..
    Starting as blacksmith is not bad since he can procure his own weapon..

  4. had though acceleration skill but choose to work at construction site..he could just invent anti gravity car and get rich…what an idiot..thanks for the translation btw

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