I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 4

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Kris

September 24th Pay day

It’s my payday. After working at the Izakaya, I managed to save up 160,000 YEN. I live in the country so my living expenses amount to around 100,000 YEN. This means that I have 60,000 YEN left for the gacha.

In order not to stand out, I decided to go to the gacha late at night.

‘Wait, wouldn’t I actually stand out more if I do this?’

While thinking about that, I spun the gacha’s switch. The capsules that came out were…

Fire Magic (I) R

Clairvoyance (I) SR

Strength Increase (I) R

Growth Speed (I) SR

Magic Aptitude (I) R

Class Slate: Fighter R

“I finally got it!!!”

‘The reason I couldn’t use magic up until now was because I didn’t have “Magic Aptitude”, but now…’

 I immediately ate the candy. After which, I went ahead and placed an empty can in the open field. Facing the can, I chanted, “Wind Magic!”

The wind didn’t pack a lot of punch, but it managed to at least knock the can down. To be honest, I was quite moved by my first usage of magic.

After eating all of the remaining candy apart from the Class Slate, my status now looked like this…

Classless Lv1

HP 44/44

MP 24/31

Strength 15.4  16.8

Defense 11

Magic Defense 19.2

Agility 11

Dexterity 13

Wisdom 19.8

Luck 21

[Unique Skills]

Space and Time Manipulation

[Skills]                                                    [Magic]

Appraisal (I)                                      Wind Magic (I)

Detection (II)                                    Earth Magic (I)

Strength Increase (II)                       Fire Magic (II)

Clairvoyance (II)

SP Increase (I)

Cold and Heat Resistance (I)

Physical Resistance (I)

Magic Resistance (II)

Magic Aptitude (I)

Growth Speed (I)

Fire Magic went up to (II) as well. After testing a bit, it was obvious that rank (II) spells were a bit stronger than their rank (I) equivalent.

The “Growth Speed” skill also got me really pumped up. Apparently it helps me level up faster, but… I don’t even have a clue as to how I’m supposed to level up in the first place.

‘Shouldn’t I just kill magic beasts or something?’

 ‘Magic beasts don’t even exist though…’

 I still had a ton of questions.

However, after visiting the gacha last time, I decided to check up on some of the skills so I managed to clear up some of my questions.

“Detection” apparently allows me to detect the presence of any moving or living being in a specific area.

And it seems like the skill’s rank influences the area’s scope.

“Clairvoyance” is a skill that allows me to look down from a hawk’s point of view.

For now the skill’s scope isn’t that wide, but I guess that will change with its rank.

And lastly, I made a huge decision.

Job change.

I’m not talking about using the Class Slates and becoming a Knight or a Magician, but rather, actually quitting my work at the Izakaya and finding something that pays more.

With the help of “Strength Increase,” I became stronger so I’m planning on searching for a job that involves physical labor; something like construction.

I still don’t know when this gacha will disappear, so I might as well buy as much as I can while it’s still here.

In this kind of situation some people would probably think that it would be a good idea to go for a loan. However, I don’t have pleasant memories of loans so I’d rather not do that.

‘Time to make a lot and throw it all into the gacha… wait…’

‘Isn’t that exactly what a hooked person would say?’



  1. He has completely fallen…
    There’s no coming back for him now. He can’t be saved.
    Lol! Thanks for the easy to read chapter!

  2. Actually won’t he got some skill after changing class..
    Even he has it already won’t he just got free level up for his skill

  3. quite a stupid story. Why? It would have made some sense if other people were also doing the gacha.

    And among those other people there would have been some who r financially more sound than the mc who works as a part time waiter in a pub.

    In which they would spend more than mc become stronger than mc which in turn makes the novel title moot.

    1. Tbh we don’t know yet if anyone else used the machine, or if it’s the only one of its kind. In the first place he only visits at night, which leaves it unsupervised all day for other people to throw their money into it.

    But it’s actually affecting his daily life, I too probably whaling on that Real Life Gacha device if I encountered one.

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