Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 26 (part 2)

 Negotiations with the Wolf Demons 3 

「The greatest nuisance of the Humans is the 4 Heavenly Kings. In the end, it is me and this delicate masked guy who works properly in the Demon King Army. It affects my dignity to be seen as an equal to that savage fool! 」 

「I don’t remember seeing Rafa working properly…however it is true that even after being from the same Evil Demon Tribe, it is a little infuriating to be treated in the same rank as that golden horn. Forgetting that the priority of the Demon King’s Army is the unity of the Demons, that pervert always neglects his duty. 」 

「 um-, that, you two, let’s not try to expose our colleague’s shameful actions… but I sure do understand how you feel. 」 

Mirage complained to Rafa and Astarte, who divulged their true feelings, but thought it would be no use now that the topic of that pervert had been raised. 

The southern part of the Demon territory is most closely connected to the human territory, and the main force fighting against humans is the gold horn demons of the Evil Demon tribe. 

The number of Evil Demons is the highest among all the demons, but they are further divided on the basis of the color of their horns, like the Evil Demon with silver horns, like Astarte mostly live in the east, while those Evil Demons with Golden Horns live mostly in the south. 

And the relationship between the Golden and Silver horn Demons of the Evil Demon tribe can be said to be very bad, as even in the Demon King Army, they are very careful of assigning them a mission together. 

Of course, if a dispute arises, it is judged by the Demon King’s Army Military Law, but it is unavoidable to have a dispute when you think about them fighting each other, from a long time in the past. 

For Humans, the generation completely changes in a hundred years, and as a result, their ideology changes rapidly, while for the Demons, the same people continue to live for hundreds of years, so they continue to follow their old value system. 

It’s not easy for the wedge between the tribes to disappear because those who fought in the past are still alive. 

However, it is the Demon King Lilith who is trying to accomplish the feat. 

「Kukukukukku, masked brother seems to having a hard time. Well, it’s up to you to negotiate, whether or not we Wolf demons will join the Demon King’s army depends on that…… don’t let me down. 」 

Mirage had an even more suspicious look under his mask when he heard Robert’s words. 

The thing about the other party having an expectation means they want something related to the Demon King army, and that their original purpose was not assassination, or there is a possibility that he is acting to make it seem like that, thinking about how unexpected this change of them wanting something from them was………while considering these things he was vigilantly checking his surroundings. 

And of course, as one would expect, Astarte and Rafa also have not relaxed their guard in the least after their little conversation. 

「I don’t know what you’re going to ask for, but if you get carried away, I’ll just burn your entire village down! If you underestimate us Dragon Demons too much, you’ll be sorry later! 」 

「….. At the least, you are going to get seriously injured. 」 

Rafa snaps at Robert’s words and Astarte followed in a fed-up tone. 

Nice, Rafa, said Mirage in his mind and was grateful for her accompanying them for the first time. 

For Rafa, who has an impulsive personality, she can inquire the other party about the things which Mirage is hesitating to ask. 

His own remark might change his impression on the other party, which might affect the negotiations later, but Mirage concluded that Rafa for Robert was like a child. 

「 You’re such a lively girl. Well…It’s not a big request, but I heard that the Demon King’s Army incorporated the knowledge of many Demon tribes and humans. I just called you to lend me that wisdom. Of course, if you don’t have the answers we want, the negotiations will break. 」 

「That’s……very easy to understand demarcation. But is it alright for you who is the acting head of a tribe to do that? I think that it is common in a negotiation to reach a compromise based on the expectation of each other. 」 

「… I know that, but it’s hard to explain. Well, I think you’ll understand it naturally if you actually come to the village where we live. So, you don’t need to walk so cautiously behind me, as you can see apart from me, these two appear to be almost dying from nervousness. 」 

Since Robert’s group is walking in front of them, they have their backs against Mirage’s group, so they are always vulnerable. 

As long as they were the guide and had the intention to negotiate, they understood that there was no other way but to do so in order to gain the other party’s trust, and  Mirage’s group knew that as well. 

And the other party understood that it was only natural that the Mirage’s group was on guard, but the two people beside Robert did not seem to be acting as they were walking so listlessly and sweat was oozing from their back. 

Mirage realizes that it was only natural from their point of view as they are in a state where they can lose their life at any time and calls out to the two people behind him. 

「I think both Tart-Chan and Rafa should not be nervous and relax a little. Just enjoy the walk and conversation in the forest」 

— guard, Conceal— 

「Well, it can’t be helped. I’m sorry for making you guys nervous; I will relax for now.」 

「 I think you’re being too careless, but I will follow your orders.」 

Mirage tells them to keep their guards on, even though he agrees with Robert verbally. 

Previously they were trying to make them aware of their vigilance as it would appear more unnatural if they were not vigilant, but from this point onwards, they have completely concealed it. 

Perhaps only Robert would notice, but Mirage judged that it would be no problem for the two others. 

And both Astarte and Rafa quietly followed Mirage’s instructions again. 

Even though they say this and that about him, they understand that Mirage’s insights and judgment are best among them. 

「You are quite scary Masked brother. Even if you look like a clown, you wear that to catch your opponent off guard. I have fought with many men, for the ones who show off their strength are usually the small fish, but the ones who are as good at concealing their strength like you are usually the frightening ones」 

The two people walking next to Robert still appeared a little tense, but they didn’t seem to know about their actions, while the meaning behind Robert’s words was that he was aware of their actions. 

As expected, this Robert was quite a dangerous and strong opponent, thinking so Mirage increased his wariness even more. 

Astarte and Rafa, also speak perhaps realizing the true meaning of Robert’s words. 

「I don’t know what you have mistaken it for, but that guys mask is just a hobby, a pastime. It’s really hard to understand but he is always dressed like this. 」 

「It’s hard to judge whether Mirage-Sama has a good or bad taste. But to be honest, I think that the mask and the cloak are extremely disappointing. Even if I report that it is very unpopular among the subordinates it doesn’t change. I don’t understand what obsession he has……..excuse me. I don’t want to talk about it any further. 」 

「br, bro….. brother I feel a little sorry. That…. they say every man to his taste…… and your taste is quite lively, that’s it. 」 1

…… the strong people, Astarte and Rafa, perhaps have noticed his true intentions, so they seem to go as far as mentioning Mirage’s appearance. 

And then Robert turned around and apologized to Falsa with a sympathetic look. 

「I don’t mind…… it in particular. And besides Robert-san hasn’t known me for that long.」 

Mirage repeatedly says in his heart that this is just a sophisticated technique to show off his flaws, to make the other party feel closer and reduce the distance between them, making it easier for them to negotiate. 

Those who saw Mirage’s appearance usually had three reactions: one who looked at him suspiciously, the other who got angry with him feeling that he was just fooling around, and the last who sympathized with his bad sense of taste. 

At first, Robert seemed to think that he was fooling around with him, but this change when he showed his exceptional reaction and he was easily covered again by Rafa and Astarte. 

The whole group, in a somewhat awkward atmosphere, walked toward the village of the Wolf Demons. 


1. TL NOTE: – The line every man to his taste means everyone has a different taste, it’s pretty much understandable but wrote it just in case]


  1. Poor Falsa…
    I feel you man… Being recognised as one of the four heavenly kings as a shady guy in black always wearing a max is taxing…
    Thanks for the chapter!

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