Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 26 (part 1)

 Negotiations with the Wolf Demons 3 

Mirage knew that although the Wolf Demons appeared to a belligerent and seemingly slow-witted tribe, but they were actually a very clever tribe. 

The young Wolf Demons had not been so communicative in their first greeting, However, Robert here is the representative of Head of the Wolf Demons, so to speak, the Number 2. 

Mirage was convinced that these series of action, certainly have some meaning behind it. 

「Oh, Masked brother, If I can I’ll answer, ask what you want. I like strong people like you. I can even tell you about the beginning of my relationship with my wife. Tell you what I got a woman better than I deserve. 」 

Mirage, who has been promoted from a masked bastard to a masked brother, is probably smiling beneath his mask when he hears what he says. 

It is not about him changing the way of addressing him, but because the Wolf Demons are a very proud tribe, and this reaffirmed that they still value their family and friends more than that. 

The armies of Mirage and Rafa have had frequent skirmishes with the Wolf Demons, so they know some of their racial traits, but the amount of information they can get from actually having a conversation like this is different from that they get through fighting. 

「 Well… I’m curious about the beginning of your relationship with your wife……, but Robert-san, I hear that the Wolf Demons are good at hunting, so do they usually eat wild animals for food? You see I am quite a glutton, and I am always curious about other tribe’s meals. 」 

「Oh, yes, for the most part. We, men, hunt big prey, while women and children catch small prey like rabbits and mice, as well as gather fruits and wild plants in the forest. I don’t know if you’ll like it or not, as it is not refined like your food. 」 

Since the demons were united together by the Demon King Lilith, their culture and life under the rule of the Demon Army have improved dramatically. 

Like humans, they have built cities, built forts, cultivated fields and commercial transactions are now carried out by using money. 

A long time ago, the Demons like the Wolf Demons mainly used to hunt for food, but it is no exaggeration to say that they have evolved dramatically in the last few hundred years. 

Therefore, the life of the Demon King army is considered to be quite refined to the Demons, who continue to live like before without changing. 

「I see, I used to spend time hunting when I was very young, I feel nostalgic remembering it. Running around those hills and fields, learning hunting from Father, even now when I get time for myself, I do some hunting. Every tribe has a different flavor, I am looking forward to your tribes. 」 

「Ho, you’re really an interesting fellow, regardless of your appearance. Let’s go hunting together when the negotiation is settled. Well, but of course we wolf Demons are better at hunting, gahhahahaha. 」 

Mirage spoke about discussable and troublesome things, leading to other party thinking about only superficial things. 

The words spoken just now were not completely false, but Mirage who has a lazy personality had been hunting his prey using traps and magic or sometimes directly brought food by using his transfer magic after his Father died. 

And even though there are situations in which he has to hunt for food, such as when he camps out in the wild during his journey with Julia’s group, they are by no means voluntary. 

However, since hunting is part of Wolf demon’s lives, he purposely used hunting stories to improve his impression and to make it easier to talk to him. 

Even though he doesn’t hate wild food, he prefers refined meals, but of course, he wouldn’t say that out loud no matter what. 

「Well, I’d love to come with you when everything is settled. Oh Yeah, when it comes to hunting, it seems that you guys use Beastification Magic, but do you always keep the wolf form like this? 」 

「Oh well, that’s because our magic doesn’t improve if we don’t use it on a daily basis. Especially for the young ones, they remain in their wolf form until they run out of magic, and as you can see I use it day in and day out. Now, I prefer to be in this form, hahaha. It makes my sense of smell and hearing sharper, which makes it easy for me to hunt, and I can say that this is the greatest magic for me. 」 

Beastification magic or otherwise called the Wolfification magic is the inherent magic of the Wolf-demon tribe. 

This is largely called the Beastification magic, because this is the inherent magic of demons with a beast like trait, and this magic tends to strengthen those traits, like it usually transforms and strengthens their body. 

Like Rafa, one of the 4 Heavenly Kings, is from the Dragon Demon tribe, and by transforming herself with the Beastification or Dragonification magic, she can fly around using her wings at an incredible speed. 

She flew from the Swift Wind Castle in the north of the Demon territory to the Shadow  castle in the east, in less than a day and waited for Mirage to arrive, using that, but as expected of a Heavenly King, to be able to consume magic continuously for such long time without worrying about it. 

「 It is certainly a reasonable method of training. I remember using it from morning till night to train my magic. However, as far as I have heard Beastification magic consumes more magic than the Strengthening magic, it seems it’s very hard for the guards to use it all the time. I suppose that the younger ones would not last more than a few hours. 」 

「……well, we can still fight as it is, even if we run out of magic power. Besides, for the guards, there is rarely any attack they have to face nowadays from nearby demons since the time you guys of the Demon King army has started to rule them. In the past, it was a common occurrence for us to fight with the neighboring demon tribes. I feel that the young lads these days are becoming more and more cowardly, ha I wonder if this the generation gap, they speak off. 」 

Mirage felt, that there, after all, was a reason behind him still using Wolfification, after hearing Robert’s reply. 

Mirage recalled from the past reports that although the Wolfification traits are the same as Robert before him, with the whole body covered with hair and appearance like a wolf, there has been no report of them being wolfified all the time. 

—Wol, fi, cat, ion, report, regular use, present or absent— 

Just in case, he also confirmed with the two people behind him, but the word 「wolfification」 had to be written one by one because it does not exist in the sign language of the Demon King’s army. 

「As the war against humanity is intensifying, I think that we have no other way other than to bring together the demons who are the subject of their persecution. 」 

「Yes, we have stronger magic and are more powerful than them in strength, but humans have a lot of advantage in numbers to waste and also have wisdom…… so it is understandable that we have no other way. 」 

Astarte and Rafa respectively enter into the conversation and give a mixed answer about the presence or absence of the report to the Mirage. 

If they add 「yes」 in the conversation than it means yes, while if the add 「no」 in the conversation than it means no, but Rafa made a mistake for a moment, perhaps because she was bad at dealing with the situation immediately. 

Astarte stared at Rafa with scornful eyes at such action and nudged her with the handle of her sickle secretly, and Rafa although looking irritated, silently accepted it, perhaps reflecting on her mistake. 

「Hun, I wonder how many of those human beings there really, but is it really so terrible? I have heard many rumors about them from some small tribes, but what are those guys in the south doing, being so inefficient? Those Evil Demons bastards are sure taking quite a long time, I heard that they have been fighting for several hundred years now, they should have ended it by now. Well, anyway we don’t care whether the human beings or the Evil demons win. 」 

It was about 300 years ago that the fight between humans and the demons began to intensify. 

Although there are various theories about whether the Demons caused harm to the Humans or that the Humans persecuted the Demons, there is no change in their long-standing struggle. 

And the Wolf Demons are not the only tribe, which like Robert, are not interested in other demons or Humans. 

Basically, the demons had little interest in other races, and mostly thought nothing about them, except for the tribes neighboring them, that could harm their territory. 

Their reaction is no different for the Humans also, and for better or worse, they tend to be less interested in other races or tribes. 

For humans, they are a group with red eyes and are associated with a strange creature different from Human beings— the Demons—- but the reality was like this. 

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