Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 25 (part 2)

Negotiations with the Wolf Demons 2 

Once again reprimanding and silencing those around him, Robert scratched his head and apologized, and raised more questions. 

It is very difficult to judge the age of demons just by looking at them, and it is not uncommon for demons to be several hundred years old, even if they look young. 

The growth of the demons is roughly divided into two groups, one whose body slowly grows over hundreds of years and the others whose body grows to become an adult in twenty years or so and then remains the same for a few hundred years without changing. 

Therefore, a demon who looks like a ten-year-old human may as be well over a hundred years old and the demon who appears to be in his twenties like Mirage might as well be near 3 hundred years old. 

Even though the demons, who are said to live ten times as much as humans, do not care too much about their age because of their longevity, the immaturity in youth is as easy to appear in them as in the Human children. 

Also, although there are differences among different tribes, they are generally fully recognizable only when they reach 200 years of age. 

「For two of the 4 Heavenly Kings to be here……. well, firstly both of our territories are near yours, so we thought that it will be good for the negotiations. Secondly, I admit that we have too much power, but we were concerned that we may be attacked like the situation just now, so we would appreciate it if you look it at like that. Lastly Please take the presence of 2 Heavenly Kings, as the Demon Kings army taking the negotiations with full seriousness. 」 

Mirage, who found a way to make the most of the incident, tries to justify their actions while trying to make the conversation more advantageous. 

As a matter of fact, Rafa had forcefully come along with them and it was Mirage’s side— to be precise Astarte and Rafa—who have d provoked them first, the former had a good reason for doing so, the later was not completely but partly at fault, but he emphasizes on the fact that they had been attacked and makes the other party feel guilty. 

It is the Wolf Demons who had attacked according to the situation and this is clearly an effective way to hold them accountable for it. 

Mirage’s way of doing things makes sense, as it’s a basic principle to have a psychological advantage before going into the main point of negotiation. 

「It’s true that our lads attacked you and we won’t refute that. But the Demon King’s Army also does things in a grand manner, don’t they? It is better for more big shots to be present; Anyway, I will lead you to the village at once. Oi, You guys! I am going to lead them, so properly guard the place! 」 

Saying that he called out to the young Wolf Demons, who obediently scattered around the area immediately. 

Only two of them remained here, they were the ones who had come along with Robert in the beginning, it seems that Robert and the other two will be their guides. 

However, Mirage looked suspiciously at Robert and felt that there were some peculiarities with the current situation. 

――Suspicious, be on guard―― 

To hide it from Robert’s group, who was in front of him, Mirage put his hand behind his back and used his hands and fingers to warn Astarte and Rafa. 

This is a hand-sign adopted by the Demon King’s army, as it is possible to communicate easily without speaking with it, and it is only natural for the 4 Heavenly Kings and their lieutenants to learn it. 

「Ok, then, we’ll lead, you guys follow us. The forest is quite dense, if you get lost in this, it will very hard to get out…….. Well, I think you guys should be alright, I am warning you just in case. 」 

「Yes, we will bear it in mind. Then, please lead the way. Rafa, Tart, you two should follow closely. 」 

Without giving the slightest hint about his suspicions, Mirage replied in a plain tone, and followed Robert’s group into the forest, accompanied by Astarte and Rafa. 

From this point onward they will be entering the forest were the Wolf Demons lived, so to speak they know this place on the back of their hand. 

The wolf demon tribe, which builds their settlement in the forest and depend mainly on hunting for food, are good at hiding their presence so that they are not perceived by their prey. 

They are the best among the demons in fighting inside the forest, using it as cover and they are a group that are good at silently killing their opponents in a single strike. 

There is a famous saying among the demons, that carelessly entering into their territory, i.e. the forest means death. 

However, the Wolf Demons who had been hiding before were easy to detect, because, they were all young and immature. 

Of course, Mirage’s group’s detection ability is also very high, but Mirage thought that a powerful person like Robert would be very hard to notice unless he was about to attack him. 

And then what made Mirage worry was that they were too chilled out about the fact that there were two of the 4 Heavenly Kings of the Demon Kings Army that came for negotiation. 

From their point of view, they should be expecting a high-ranking person to come for negotiations, but how many people will invite Heavenly king level people so easily, instead it shouldn’t be strange for them to be more vigilant. 

It is like putting the deal in the oppositions pocket even before the negotiations, but Robert said that the situation was better with more Heavenly kings. 

This means that bringing in a high-ranking figure has a greater advantage than demerits, and the first thing you can think of is the assassination of the 4 Heavenly Kings. 

In the first place, the young Wolf Demons frankly showed their hostility towards them and the lack of understanding between the tribes also became the main reason in increasing his suspicions. 

Moreover, their main battle force, the supposedly skilled Wolf Demons, were the only people in front of him, Robert and the other two following him and there was no one else. 

――Attack, watch out, dispersion, caution―― 

The Wolf Demons have a good sense of hearing and smell, so if they were to be attacked in the forest by them and are separated somehow, then they are likely to be found by them before they find each other. 

Mirage and Astarte each have a contact ball connected to each other, but Rafa has the contact ball connected to her adjutant, so if they were to be separated, it will be very troublesome. 

At the signal of the Mirage, Astarte and Rafa became more cautious, and the party went through the forest without talking. 

While staring at Robert’s back, Mirage kept thinking of various possibilities, without stopping. 

「Robert-San, I can’t stay silent until we reach the village, so can I ask you some questions? 」 

And the first step that Mirage decided based on some predictions was to collect information through conversation. 

It is difficult to reach the truth by mere imagination, but if you ask unnecessary things, you make the other party extra cautious. 

Unlike the round one which was the previous scuffle, the curtain to the second round gently and quietly began to open. 

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