Dual Life

Dual life Chapter 25 (part 1)

Negotiations with the Wolf Demons 2 

Mirage quickly falls back, stands in front of Rafa and Astarte to defend them, while holding a big sickle. 

Before the two people, who had been prevented from fighting, could raise a voice of protest, the Wolf-Demons flocked around Mirage quickly, making full use of their physical abilities. 

「Don’t take us Wolf demons lightly! 」 

「We are not as slow as those mages! 」 

「Take this! 」 

Three Wolf Demons charge at them from left, right and front, Mirage operates the large sickle at a speed unable to be seen by eyes and thrusts its handle into the gut of the demon coming from the front. 

Then, he swings the sickle, to strike the head of the Wolf demon on the right with the blunt part of his blade and uses the handle again to attack the hands of the Wolf demon coming from the left making him drop his weapon. 

The man who was hit in the gut lay on the spot groaning; the man who was hit on the head fell unconscious on the spot, and the man who was hit on the hand had his hand broken, he was holding it with his other hand with a painful expression. 

「……. Fast! 」 

Astarte saw the style of Mirage and involuntarily let out a voice admiration. 

One could not imagine from his appearance and physique, that Mirage’s sickle movements would be so excellent to be able to incapacitate the wolf demons in the blink of an eye. 

「It’s strengthening magic technique as usual. It’s the same as the time when you caught me off guard, as I was careless because of your appearance. You have too much of a one-tracked mind. 」 

Mirage refutes in his mind that it’s just normal to use it because it’s more efficient to beat the opponents if they are careless rather than him having a one-tracked mind. 

Of course, he will not say that out loud to Rafa, or else it will turn into a prolonged argument. 

The strengthening magic technique Mirage is using is called Qi and chakra in the east, and it can greatly improve the operator’s physical abilities, by circulating magic in every corner of his body. 

This is a skill that anyone with magical powers can practice, and it is a basic magic skill that can be said to be compulsory for a person who engages in battle such as the Knights. 

However, the effect differs greatly depending on one’s skill, and in the realm of so-called masters, it is possible to strengthen your body so that you can move your arms at an invisible speed like Mirage. 

It is very simple and powerful magic, but it’s not uncommon for a person with a low level of skill to damage his or her muscle due to excessively using it and when used for a long time, it is possible for a person to become handicapped. 

Also, unlike attack magic, in which magic is released to the outside of the body and exhibits its effects, the skill of controlling magic inside one’s body is another difficult task and there are surprisingly few mages who can perfectly control it. 

It is said that to improve your skill, you have to continue using it every day, or that you need to meditate to feel the magic in your body, and there are still parts that are not yet determined. 

It is said that the lower the strength of an operator is, the weaker the effect will be, so training the body itself is as important as training the strengthening magic for those who focus on close combat. 

The first time Mirage shook hands with Robert, it was already activated, and it was thanks to that, that he was able to withstand the grip of the Wolf demon’s strong body, the fact that he was able to resist Robert, who had thick arms like a log, is a testimony to the proficiency of his strengthening magic. 

「Come, we’ll go together! No matter how strong he may be, it will be impossible if all of us go together. If we kill the masked bastard, the rest are women and children, they will not be our opponent! 」 

It seems the Wolf Demon standing behind Robert, is thinking of calling out the others and thinking of defeating them using numbers. 

As if agreeing with the voice, everyone gets ready with weapons in their hand, looking for an opportunity to attack. 

Perhaps because they were disregarded as women and children, Astarte and Rafa took up their stance again as if wanting to join the fight, at that time a very loud voice that shook everyone rang out from behind the Wolf Demons. 

「Oioi, you guys, be quiet! That masked bastard isn’t the only strong one! If you put your hands on those girls, they’ll kill you! If you want your life, lower your weapons, shut up and watch, you foolish bastards! 」 

The owner of the voice was Robert, who had restrained all the Wolf-Demons all at once, leaving them half-puzzled and half tensed. 

However, unable to disobey the command they reluctantly lowered their weapon and intently watched Robert to know why he asked them to be vigilant. 

「Hmm, unlike the guys behind you, you don’t seem to be too bad. 」 

「Rafa, since your opponent has stopped attacking you, please stop further provoking them. 」 

Hearing that Rafa loosened her stance and Astarte lowered her weapon, although they didn’t show any fighting intent, they were on high alert. 

「hey you mask bastard, who are these girls? They similarly noticed these guys hiding in the forest like you and above all they are so shrewd, they made me think that they were your lovers. 」 

「w! Ha! T! Lover! I am the same as this masked guy, one of the 4 Heavenly Kings of the Demon King Army, the swift wind Rafa! 」 

「I am Maniac Astarte, the adjutant of Shadow Mirage-Sama, one of the 4 Heavenly Kings of the Demon Kings army……… And next time you joke about being a lover, I will cut that head off of your body. 」 

Rafa and Astarte give out their name furiously, at Robert’s lover remark. 

The Fact that Mirage’s adjutant, who can be said to be his right-hand person and another one of the 4 Heavenly Kings had come, created a lot of disturbance on Wolf Demons side and the noise kept gradually increasing. 

「Hey you guys be quiet! You see, these are all young lads here, there is nothing I can do except being patient with them…… Nevertheless, for two of the 4 Heavenly kings and one of their adjutants to come here, is the Demon Army planning to go on war with us? 」 

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