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Dual Life Chapter 18


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Noble’s Feast 2

「 To tell you honestly, I have been troubled because he is a little too well. Even now when there is a spotting of a Demon or a bandit in the territory, he charges in the front and leads the soldiers on his own to exterminate them. He says that he has retired from the order of Knights, but I don’t understand what it was for. 」

「Hohou, if I remember correctly, Marquis Ctesiphon should already be over fifty years old. He is still active Huh, as one would expect of the one called Fierce God. I’m also letting my son be in charge of everything in the territory, so it’s like a Half-retirement for me too. By the way——- 」

Zenobia’s father, Marquis Ctesiphon, is nicknamed as Fierce God because of his strength, he has led the Kingdoms Army many times as a general and has brought victory in many battles.

Originally, the Ctesiphon family is a Military family, and most of its descendants including Zenobia, are the member of Royal knights.

Currently, he had to announce his retirement in consideration of his age and live in his territory as a Marquis which he rules, but as Zenobia said with a wry smile, he continues to put himself in battles.

「 — Viscount Fouche, when a married man monopolizes a beautiful woman, the bachelors will begin to complain. May I move on to the next introduction? 」

With a joking remark, Falsa tries to end the long-running conversation of Viscount Fouche and move on to the introduction of Palmina.

It is natural for a Noble to try to make a connection with Zenobia, the daughter of a Marquis and the Leader of White lily Knights, but it is time for greetings right now.

Until Viscount Fouche, the host finishes talking to them, other guests can’t talk to them, so if he takes too long talking to them, he will be frowned upon by the guests.

Falsa austerely wrapped it as a funny story of him monopolizing a beautiful woman, he saved the face of Viscount Fouche by doing so and him taking such approach was perhaps also mixed with his real intention of finishing up such trifles quickly.

「Oops, what did I do, it seems this mouth unintentionally became very fluent, seeing Miss Zenobia’s overwhelming beauty. ……. Sir Speke, please continue 」

Whether or not Lord Fouche understood Falsa’s intention, he decided to accept his proposal.

「And now, Miss Palmina, please come this way. 」

Palmina who had been kept waiting for Julia and Zenobia, walked forward slowly, step by step, with a smile on her face.

Wearing a white dress, which gives an impression of being neat and clean, and in contrast to Zenobia, her dress had very little skin exposure.

The ornaments were also worn at a bare minimum and those also appeared to be very plain at a glance.

This is not to say that Palmina is financially troubled, but she is keeping her dogma as a priest of the Fortuna, that is, she is a believer.

—- Thou, shall not waste time on wasteful extravagance, but guides those to the goddess who strays—–

This teaching has been handed down from time immemorial to the followers of Fortuna, and the wasteful extravagance here does not mean that money should never be spent.

It is a surprisingly realistic doctrine that, instead of spending money in vain, you should use it as per the circumstances or occasion, and if there is a person who is in trouble near you, you should help him or her to the extent that you can afford to.

Therefore, the quality of the dress and the ornaments themselves are prepared for the occasion, but they are kept in the range that it is not viewed as wasteful by others.

「Thank you for inviting me today. I’m Goddess Fortuna’s priest Palmina. This meeting is due to the blessings of Goddess-Sama, I thank you for this fate. 」

Palmina bows with her right hand against the necklace on her chest and pinched the end of her dress with her left hand.

Her figure was as beautiful as if the goddess herself had appeared in the mortal world, and in an instant, she attracted the attention of those around her.

「Oo, I have heard rumors about the saint-Sama of the church and……. how beautiful she. Oops, that was rude. I am Robes de Fouche, the ruler of this territory. It is the blessing of Goddess Fortuna-Sama, that we can meet Saint Palmina-Sama」

Viscount Fouche, though never a pious believer, read the atmosphere of the occasion and greeted Palmina imitating her.

The charm of Palmina makes you automatically think that it is natural to do so.

The people in this venue also realized now that the reputation of the saint Palmina is more than just a rumor.

「Although I’m a little sad to say this ……., there are a lot of people waiting to greet you all, so I’m going to take my leave now. 」

After greeting Palmina Viscount Fouche cuts himself up and left so that it does not become the same as the conversation with Julia all over again.

Starting with the departure of Viscount Fouche, nobles and merchants, who had been waiting on the side, began to flock around her one after the other.

「 I have an eighteen-year-old son, who is a devout believer of Goddess Fortuna……..」

「My son is a member of Kingdoms Knights; he is filled with sincerity and Chivalry……」

「AAah, in front of your beauty, the goddess Fortuna will also be jealous……」

「My chamber of commerce makes a large donation to church every year, and I am proud to support Goddess Fortuna-Sama’s financial aspects…… 」

The most popular one, after all, is always Palmina.

Originally, in a banquet of nobles it is standard for the host to be greeted first followed by the highest-ranking nobles, but in a buffet like this banquet where there are low-ranking nobles below the rank of Viscount it does not apply.

Most of the people here are barons, quasi-barons or knights less than the rank of a viscount and some people among them were merchants also who had both money and power.

Therefore, it becomes a little complicated if you decide superiority or inferiority among them, so the banquet becomes free for all after the host’s greeting is completed.

Given such circumstances, it is self-evident that Palmina, who is the embodiment of an ideal woman, is being approached for marriage one after another.

While bringing up the proposal of marrying their son, many are staring at Palmina’s breasts, the lamentable nature of a man.

Her large breasts, which could not be usually hidden in the loose-fitting Nuns dress, were pushed up further by her dress and hid quite an extraordinary destructive power.

However, Palmina did not look displeased facing such obscene looks and responded with a familiar smile on her face.

「Ufufu, I’m grateful for your proposal, but I’m still in training. Now that I have devoted myself to Goddess Fortuna-Sama, I shall not be able to marry anyone. 」

Although Palmina refuses by saying that, the people around her do not seem to be disappointed, and on the contrary, Palmina’s popularity increases.

A reason, that splendid elegance, a reason, that the firm upholding of sense of virtue which is rare nowadays, a reason, that contrast of reserved personality with that “making one unable to hold back” breasts is truly artistic.

There seem to be some perverted characters mixed in too, but even so, Palmina’s smile didn’t fade away.

Whenever Palmina smiles, she closes her lips lightly, her eyes are half-closed, and her eyebrows are slightly lowered to give a tender impression.

This is one of the manners taught by the nuns in the church, and for Palmina, who had lived in the church since she was a child, that expression seems to naturally come to her.

No matter how unreasonable or rude the other party is, Palmina never gets angry or becomes frightened or shy, and smiles without taking a step back.

Somehow, she came to be called a saint by those who saw such a bearing of Palmina and her extraordinary power of Holy magic.

「 I would very much like to cross swords with Zenobia-Dono once. If I win, I wish to go out with you. 」

「I think I am more suited to the Ctesiphon family, who can be said to be the symbol of the military than such a man. Zenobia-Dono, let’s walk the rest of our life from this point on together. 」

「Zenobia-OneeSama, let’s not talk with such violent people, we can just go over there and talk. 」

The second most popular is Zenobia.

Although she does not have an elegance like Palmina while she is holding a sword, it seems there are still many men as well as women who are thinking about marrying her, both because of her beauty and strength as well as her family lineage.

The men talk about how suitable they are standing next to Zenobia while clasping a sword, while the women are looking at the dignified Zenobia with an admiring gaze.

「I am very happy to hear your offer. However, I am still training, and currently, I am only thinking about wielding my sword. And it would be very pleasant to have a private and female bonding conversation with you beautiful women, but this here is a place for socializing. It is a lady’s etiquettes to not only pay attention to those of the same gender but also to those of the opposite gender. 」

As a girl from a Marquis family, as well as a knight she was handling the situation appropriately, and her appearance is very different from the usual.

Unlike her time with Falsa, she responds to men without any nervousness and treats women in a noble and dignified manner.

The men looked a little disappointed, but the women looked at the Zenobia with an even more passionate look, as if enraptured by her manners which seemed to be like of the princes and knights from those stories for women.

In this way, there is no end to the people around Palmina and Zenobia, but the other two members of the Hero party, Falsa, and Julia, have disappeared from the venue at some point in between this.



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