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Dual Life Chapter 17


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Noble’s Feast 1

The Fouche region is located in the southeast of the territory of the kingdom where the Falsa’s group is traveling.

The wheat-producing village where they had exterminated the orcs is located in the south-eastern part of the Fouche territory, Falsa’s group was heading towards the capital of the territory which is located at the center, that is the group has traveled northwest from the farm village.

In the capital of the Fouche region, which is similarly named Fouche, at the Manor of the Feudal lord a banquet was held in which the neighboring Nobles were invited.

On the first floor of the Manor, in the hall, many people gathered, including many nobles, merchants who had connections with Feudal lord, and even his retained Mage, gathered together, and listened to the greetings of the lord.

On the table, there are rows of gorgeous dishes, and it is obvious at a glance how much effort the Lord had put into tonight’s dinner party.

It is like a buffet system, there are small round-tables placed everywhere in the hall and all chairs have been placed close to the wall.

Judging from the format, the gathering will be mainly for the networking of the participants.

「Well then, we thank Fortuna-Sama for guiding our Hero-Sama and this meeting……..Cheers. 」

Wearing seemingly expensive jewelry, the Feudal lord of this region, who appears to be in his forties held his glass up high for a toast.

He has a fine beard and although his body appears to slightly weak, still he appears to be firmer than the Orcs.

Following the Feudal lord’s words, the participants held up their glasses and the feast started with a similar toast.

「Well now, for a Feudal lord of a rural area like me to greet Lord Speke in person makes me so nervous and I don’t know what to say. 」

「HaHaHa, Viscount Fouche must be joking. I am just an upstart with Magic. When compared to you, who is the head of the historic Fouche Family, I am so embarrassed that I can’t walk with my big face. 」 1

The feudal lord of the region, Viscount Robes de Fouche, who had just made a toast on the platform, called to Falsa just after the Banquet began, and the conversation between the two began.

Falsa is not dressed in black as usual but is dressed in formal attire and has properly groomed his hair, so from the perspective of the people around him, he looked like an elegant Noble.

「Ha haha, as one would expect of sir, who is the youngest person in history to become the head of the imperial court mages. However, to be made Viscount in this generation, sir must be quite extraordinary…… Are your parents perhaps an Eastern Noble or something? 」

「No No, my parents were ordinary people who were born and raised in ordinary families. My mother had Eastern blood, but my father is from this country. The etiquettes of the nobles are a result of me learning it inevitably after I was appointed as a court mage. There are still many things that I haven’t learned, so please be patient with me when I am rude. 」

Falsa bowed to Viscount Fouche with his hand on his chest, and it was so refined that it did not seem like something that has been learned by a beginner.

The reason why Viscount Fouche judged Falsa to be from the east is probably because of his black hair and black eyes.

Black hair itself is not uncommon, but, when combined with black eyes, it is a characteristic of people living in the east, as mentioned in the book 「Il Million 」about the east, so this has become a common-sense among the trend-conscious Nobles.

「Well, Lord Speke seems a rather humble man, if you have such a perfect etiquette than I think you should not have any unfavorable comparisons about yourself in the imperial courts. Now ……. would you please introduce me to these beautiful ladies behind you? 」

Viscount Fouche remarks as he looked at the three people standing behind Falsa, namely Julia, Zenobia, and Palmina.

Although It has already been decided that the dinner party will be held this evening by the exchange of the letter which had been done in advance, but now is the first time that Viscount Fouche and Julia’s group of three have met face-to-face.

It was already near evening when they arrived in the capital of Fouche, and Julia’s group was in a hurry to get ready, so only Falsa had met him in person before the Banquet.

「I’m sorry I didn’t notice this. I will introduce you immediately. Julia-Dono, please come here. 」

Following the voice of Falsa, Julia slowly approaches them.

An elegant blue dress with a little femininity and the already slender waist of Julia was further drawn in by the corset.

And the breasts appear to be a little bigger under the influence of the correction underwear, moreover, the dress itself is designed with a lot of lace around the breast, it seems to be skillfully designed to deceive so that one can’t tell the original size at a glance.2

There are also Fashion accessories are worn around the neck and hair, insisting on its existence to the extent that it is not unpleasant and the most important thing is the sapphire earrings presented by Falsa.

This was worn with the strong wishes of Julia, and even though it is somewhat inferior compared to other expensive ornaments, but when combined with the color of the dress it didn’t break the overall balance.

「Viscount Fouche-Sama, I am very thankful for such a great reception. I am the hero of the current generation, Julia. 」

Julia pinched both ends of her dress, pulled her left foot diagonally back, and bowed with her back straight while bending her right knee lightly.

Courtesy, is the common greeting of women, not only in this country but also in the surrounding countries.

Judging from the actions of Julia, she can be said to be the daughter of some noble, but this is the result of the guidance of the other three people.

Falsa, Zenobia and Palmina, the three instructors of the Hero, teach not only swords and magic but also history, economics, mathematics, religious science as well as such etiquettes.

Even though she had considerable difficulty with etiquette among them, she had come to a level where it was not a problem for her to greet others in this way.

「 This is … this is……, when I heard about Hero-Sama, I imagined a more heroic person…. that……turning out to be such a lovely Ojou-san. Excuse my impoliteness, I’m Robes de Fouche, it’s nice to meet you. 」

Viscount Fouche, perhaps surprised to see Julia’s appearance, is at a loss for words, but as one would expect of a Feudal lord, he quickly recovers himself and returned the greeting in a noble’s manner.

However, his eyes repeatedly look at Julia’s hair, and his feelings of interest and puzzlement are evident.

「I think Viscount Fouche is acquainted with the next person, Miss Zenobia, please come here. 」

Falsa thinks that too long a contact will cause faults to appear, and he immediately begins introducing Zenobia.

It is not unusual to introduce Zenobia, who is a noble’s daughter and a knight first, rather than Julia, but since she is a hero, the standard order becomes first Julia, then Zenobia and then Palmina.

However, if the event is a gathering of church officials, then the order becomes first Julia, then Palmina and then Zenobia.

And Falsa who is male and holds a peerage acts as an escort in any event, so it is common for him to be the first one to be greeted.

Of course, since he is entangled with three beautiful women every day, he has become used to the scorching gazes of those around him, which he is bathing in even now.

In fact, the surrounding nobles and guests were waiting for Viscount Fouche, who was the host of the banquet, to finish greeting the Hero party, the guest of Honour.

Of course, he was able to hear them, but his gaze was naturally directed towards the three beautiful people.

It is no wonder that the young head of the Imperial Court mage, who accompanies these three people, gathers many gazes of envy and jealousy.

「 I’m the eldest daughter of the Ctesiphon family, Zenobia de Ctesiphon. It’s nice to meet Viscount Fouche, hope you are doing well. 」

「oo! Do you remember me? I’ve met you at the ball in the imperial court. That little adorable Ojou-san is now the leader of the White lily Knights, and the exclusive instructor of the Hero-Sama, well haa, time goes by quickly. Is your Father Marquis Ctesiphon doing well?」

Wearing a black dress with a wide-open chest and back, and with her proud long golden hair down, she indeed looked like the daughter of a great aristocrat.

Although there was a lot of skin exposures, it was not vulgar at all, but instead, it emphasized her elegance and it fully brings out the dignity and beauty of the Zenobia who is tall for a woman.

There were also several pieces of jewelry that were proudly chosen by Zenobia herself from several places, each one of which emitted a unique radiance.

Naturally, just like Julia, she is also wearing the Barrette which Falsa gifted her.

Besides, Zenobia and Viscount Fouche have met in the past through the Marquis Ctesiphon, Zenobia’s father.

Zenobia was a child at that time, and she hardly remembers it, but it was rude to forget the people they once met according to the noble’s etiquette.

In fact, they don’t even remember each other’s faces, but since there are a lot of troublesome rules for nobles, they meet each other with a tacit understanding.

Like the exchange between Falsa and Viscount Fouche just now was nothing but them using polished words to uplift the other party, this is one of the tacit understanding of the nobles for greeting each other.

The presence of Zenobia, who was the daughter of the great noble Marquis Ctesiphon and the head of the White Lily Knights, one of the royal knights, would not fail to attract the interest of Viscount Fouche, Falsa sighed in his mind that the conversation was likely to be long.


[1. TL NOTE: I don’t know about the meaning of the last line, whether it is some kind of idiom or slang, so I just translated it literally. So, if anyone knows the meaning of this line please do share with us. But I think we can get the general sense of the words through context only. Still will appreciate your help a lot.]

[2. TL NOTE: I don’t know a lot about women’s dresses so please do excuse any mistakes that I made and correct me.]


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