Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 15

The weakness of the spoiled hero

「 Now, will you give me a convincing explanation, Fal-Ani? 」

The four returned to the inn because Zenobia had fainted, but Julia’s anger did not subside and she began interrogating Falsa in his room.

The evening had already passed, and it was almost night.

There are only two people here, Julia and Falsa because Palmina is watching over Zenobia who has passed out, in the women’s room.

「Well, we haven’t done anything wrong. A while ago… I guess Zenobia just got over-excited. I’m surprised, too. That’s really all.」

From Falsa’s point of view, she fainted just after he gave her Barrette as a present, so there’s no way he can explain it.

However, Julia does not seem to be convinced, and she does not intend to loosen her grip on the investigation.

「N-oo, I’m sure Fal-Ani did something unnecessary. To begin with, there have been many times when Fal-Ani has played with girl’s feelings without being aware of it. I remember it was same with the Princess-Sama, that young junior mage was also the same and there were others……. ahh, the more I remember the angrier I’m getting! Fal-Ani is a natural womanizer! Philanderer! Enemy of women! 」

Julia looks back on Falsa’s past actions and seems to be even angrier.

As for Falsa, he was thinking of a completely different thing, that if he didn’t finish with this scolding soon, then he will receive a lecture from Tart-Chan also.

「un, um, Julia, can I have a moment?」

Falsa clears his throat lightly and then looks straight into Julia’s eyes and asks.

「what, what is it, making such a serious face, I will not be deceived by that! I will see through Fal-Ani’s technique of making girls fall for him! 」

Although Falsa internally refuted that he had no intention of showing such a trick, he didn’t mention anything to not make the conversation longer.

「Julia… actually, I have a present for you. Will you accept it? It’s an earring made of Eastern silver that will suit your lovely rabbit-like hair…… You see, there’s a little sapphire at the end, which is perfect for Julia, who likes blue. And Julia wearing this will look even more attractive. I’m sure it’ll make you look more mature than ever before… What do you think? 」

Falsa activated his forte the strategy of glossing over things for the time being.

This man’s senses are uselessly top-notch, his ability to choose things that suit the other party is abnormally high.

From among the free gifts he received from the merchant a few minutes ago, he instantly picked out one which seemed to suit her and handed it to her with a beautiful speech.

「um, um, this, this is how every time Fal-Ani……Fal-Ani….., try to trick me, this is Fal-Ani’s tricks, I can’t be fooled so easily.」

Contrary to her words, Julia’s cheeks became red and her body started shaking.

Of course, as Falsa, who can efficiently do what is necessary, decides that this is the time to attack and tries to wrap it up.

「I’m not such a dishonest person. I thought that it would look good on Julia and that you will like it. If you don’t like it, it’s too bad, but you can just throw it away. 」

The thing about this half-Demon man not being a human being may not seem trivial but the thing about there being no lie in his words is much severe than that.

In fact, he got it as a gift when he brought Zenobia’s barrette, but the way he said it, it sounded like he had chosen it for Julia.

It is much harder for the other party to find the truth when the lie is mixed with the truth instead of lying about the whole situation and making it up.

Whether he does so being fully aware of it or he does so unconsciously, Falsa uses this principle cleverly and thoroughly.

He doesn’t use words like 「buy」or 「choose」which can be considered as a lie, so a situation is created where the other party misunderstands on her own.

「I, I’m not supposed to do such a thing! But, if Fal-Ani chose it for me and bought it with great pains… Well, I’ll forgive you this time. It’s a big mistake if you think that you can fool me with this trick! So, don’t forget that I’m forgiving you out of my own will! 」

Despite this, Julia’s expression is slack and loose, and she seems to be engrossed in the small sapphire earring in her hand.

Falsa exhales with relief that he managed to deceive her somehow and proposes to Julia to be left alone.

「fuu-, well anyways just you forgiving me is most important. After this I am going to seclude myself in the room, as usual, so Julia should go to her room now. 」

「……you are going to sneak out again, but today I’m very forgiving. I’ll listen to you. But there is one condition! 」

Julia looked up at Falsa’s face while raising her index finger.

「Condition? I don’t mind if I can do it, but is there anything I can do? 」

When Falsa asked with an expression of not knowing what is going on, Julia snorted and sat down on the bed in the room.

「Well, Fal-Ani come here and put this earring for me. And I will flush today’s matter down the drain. 」

Julia patted the space next to her, and although taken aback, Falsa slowly sat down on the spot with a bitter smile.

「When will Julia’s spoilt behavior be fixed? I’m sure no one will think that you are the chosen hero. 」

「uh tsk! Fal-Ani’s words are unnecessary! Come on, quick, quick. You don’t have time, do you? I know everything. Isn’t this a profitable exchange for Fal-Ani anyway, you just have to pamper me a little? 」

As one would expect of Julia, her intuition was very sharp, Falsa was both impressed as well as grateful for that.

Even though Julia has been concerned about Falsa’s night activities after the last incident, she decided that she would not step into it without his permission and as repayment for not prying further into it she asked him to pamper her.

Perhaps it is out of Julia’s consideration for Falsa, and naturally, it is also her true feelings that she wants to be pampered.

「Fuu–, it seems I’m no match for Julia. Well then… Come here.」

When Falsa, who turned his body towards Julia, beckons her, she slowly put the back of her head on his chest and eventually completely entrusted her body weight on him.

And then Falsa stroked Julia’s head several times and started decorating both her small lovely ears.

Perhaps a little ticklish, Julia started shaking while remaining in Falsa’s arms.

「Hiyaa, still…… my ears…..Hiyaa! My ears are a little bit of my weakness…….it’s ticklish, aaaaau」

「Hey, Julia, if you move too much, I can’t put it on. Can you hold on a little longer?」

「Even so……AHh! ……un,aa,FA, Fa..l-Ani,there…….Ah,soooo」

Whenever Falsa’s finger-tips touched her ears, Julia would tremble and let out a little scream, but she did not seem to be resisting on purpose.

It appears that Julia was weak when she was touched on her ears, and the sound that leaks out of her mouth is starting to gradually change into a seductive voice.

Julia is speaking in a voice that is sure to be misunderstood by others, and Falsa is concentrating on getting things done as soon as possible.

However, what they are thinking in their head is a completely different thing, and it seems that there will be no opportunity for both of them to comprehend that.



  1. Thanks for the chapter!
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    1. Can’t say for sure🤔 but I will say Julia is the one with most probability to find out, considering her inhuman intuition. But let’s wait and see😉

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