Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 14

Golden meadow and Silver-blue butterfly

The two people who had finished eating, resumed the tour of the stalls as they had nothing to do and went to areas that they had not explored much.

「There are a lot of handcrafted things around here. There are a lot of things from the east, but every one of these seems to be of high quality. 」

「Yes, certainly the quality is as good as to be in line with the shops in the Imperial capital. It’s rude to say this, but these items to be lined up in a street stalls seems……」

As Falsa admired, he looked at the merchandise lined up at the stalls and muttered, and Zenobia agreed.

It’s natural for Zenobia as she is a Nobles daughter so she has a deep understanding of both art and craft, as for Falsa, it’s said among some of the collectors in the Imperial capital that Falsa’s approval will be the next trend.

「Oo-, Ni-Chan, Ni-Chan, yes, that black-haired Ni-Chan with the beautiful girlfriend! 」

A vendor from a stall calls out to the two when they were looking around some different stalls.

Zenobia was born a noble so her skin and hair were very well maintained.

Although she is a knight and is constantly wounded, the Healing magic erases all the scars and the care for hair and skin is not missed as a lady so that they don’t become rough.

It can be said that Zenobia, in the eyes of others, is a noble female knight who is as graceful and beautiful as in the story.

「What do you want to do? It looks like there are a lot of ornaments. Would you like to have a look? 」

As far as Falsa could see, most of the products at the stall are items for women, such as silvery hair ornaments or necklaces.

Falsa thought very calmly that he could probably buy a present for Zenobia, who was next to him.

He then judges that the decision should be made by the woman, Zenobia, not by a man, and entrusts her with the decision.

Of course, he also has to consider if Zenobia is interested in it or not, and still it can be said that one should not forget to add some proactive words.

「Beautiful…… girlfriend….hu! W, well, it seems we have just a little bit of time left, let’s look through this last store. 」

The time is already in the evening, and the surrounding scenery is beginning to turn red.

Considering Julia’s character, it is unlikely that she should be late for dinner, so it would be time for her to return to the inn.

However, Zenobia who is treated like a girl is a little excited, so she is easily taken in by the merchant’s words.

「Ok! That’s settled! Now, these are all the silverwork from the East which are currently in trend! All the things you can’t make in the workshops around here. Here, take it in your hand and look it over. 」

With Zenobia’s approval, the merchant’s words became more cheerful and recommend his products one by one.

Falsa nodded in his heart that the craftmanship was certainly high.

Recently, the articles from the faraway country and region called eastern land have become popular.

This is notched down in the travel journal「Il Millione」written by the adventurer Marcus, which drew the attention of nobles in the imperial capital.

It is said that the number of things Marcus saw in the east exceeded a million, and among them, the best information was written down in the journal, but the truth is not clear.

However, at the same time that this book became popular, all the merchants went to the east and spread eastern products, mainly to the Nobles and the fashion continued to the present state where the eastern products were sold in stalls.

The fact that it started from the Noble dilettantes and spread to the street stalls where commoners could also buy it, is a testimony of its attraction to people.

「Just like you said, all of these are fantastic. Still, where did you get all this stuff from? 」

When Falsa inquired the street vendor about it, the street vendor brought his face close to Falsa so that his voice is not leaked in the surrounding and tells.

「Well, to tell you the truth, recently a major trading company in the regional capital has gone bankrupt, and their stocks are being sold for a very cheap price, because of this way, I was able to get these products at an incredibly low price. Apparently, the company had been collecting eastern products from all the parts of the country on the order of the Feudal Lord, but suddenly the feudal lord decided to use another company and the deal fell apart, there has been a rumor going in around the imperial capital that the Feudal lord and the other company conspired together to make the company go bankrupt.」

When he listened to the merchants and stole a glance at the price tag of the silverworks, it was certainly set considerably lower than the market price.

When Falsa went around the square, he felt that there were many eastern products, and he was convinced that this was the reason.

However, when Falsa thought about going to the capital and meeting the rumored Feudal lord, he let out a sigh and felt that it will be troublesome.

「Hey! Ni-Chan, You got such a beautiful girlfriend, so don’t make such a sour face, Look, here, select one. 」

After being cautioned by the merchant about his inner thoughts being shown on his face, Falsa quickly looked at Zenobia and saw her gaze fixated at one item.

Zenobia’s gaze was on a silver hair ornament, the so-called Barrette, which had a particularly beautiful shine among the lined-up products.

「You mind if I pick it up for a moment? 」

「Hmm? Of course, please, please. 」

After confirming with the merchant, Falsa picks up the barrette and started examining its details carefully.

Although Zenobia was a little surprised, her eyes remained fixated to the Barrette and she moved towards Falsa.

「Hmm-, although it seems to be made in the motif of a butterfly, the work with the Kirikane pattern is done very carefully. And the blue color on the wings, combined with the silver makes it quite a fine article……Yeah, I think I’ll take one of these. Is this enough money? 」1

Falsa then handed some gold coins to the merchant and buys the barrette.

「Hey Oni-Chan, this is too much. This much will buy you two more of these barrettes」

The merchant, who had confirmed the quantity of the gold coins, exclaimed in surprise and told Falsa.

He is very honest for a Merchant thought Falsa and again replied while smiling.

「In my opinion, among the silverwork here, this barrette was the best, and it is worth it. Besides, if it is a gift for a woman, wouldn’t it be worth it? 」

When Falsa said so, in an open manner, the merchant’s eyes opened up wide in surprise and then he began to laugh.

Zenobia was so stunned by Falsa’s action that she became speechless.

「Hahaha, that’s certainly true. Nii-Chan seems to understand that very well. Nevertheless, it was me who gave the price, because I could get too many of it …… well, this silver necklace and earrings … I’m going to give this as a bonus. Don’t be so rude to say that you don’t want that? 」

The merchant grinned and pushed some other items to Falsa and Falsa received them with a wry smile.

Apparently, this merchant has a very good character.

「Well, thank you very much for that…….Zenobia, stop being dazed, we have to get back to the inn soon. 」

「fuu what? Oh, that, let’s go right now. 」

A little flustered, Zenobia started following Falsa while speaking in a faint voice.

「Nii-Chan and Ojou-Chan, keep getting along together. 」

When the merchant cheered them with a loud voice towards their departing figures, Falsa made a familiar troubled face and Zenobia started to blush and muttering something as usual.

「Zenobia, come here a little. 」

A few minutes after leaving the square, Falsa invites Zenobia to a deserted alley.

Zenobia, who seemed to have no idea what was going on and even though she had her doubts, she still followed Falsa’s instructions with no hesitation and entered the alley.

「look! You might as well, put on this Hair-ornament I brought earlier. It’s a present from me. 」1

Falsa shows the silver barrette he just bought to Zenobia and makes a suggestion with a slightly mischievous face.

「Wa, wait Falsa-Dono, it, It is true that I had my eyes on this Barrette but this you know, I mean I think that I can’t receive a present like this from you without any reason or rather we are not in that kind of a relationship. At times like this, we have to greet each other’s parents properly and improve the relationship between the two families and……. 」

Although Zenobia is full of absurdity when it comes to sudden events, Falsa ignores that and talks again.

「Zenobia, I bought this because I thought it would look good on your hair. So, without thinking about complicated stuff, can you accept it as a gift from a friend? Or did you not think of me as a friend. If it is so, I am disappointed.」

When Falsa pretends to be feeling down, Zenobia hastily begins to correct him.

「No, no! That’s not it! That’s not the case! Yes, you are my friend, we are friends so it is normal for us to exchange gifts. Yeah」

When Zenobia replied, Falsa put his hand on the back of her head and removed her hairband in a familiar manner.

「oh, to, to start ……. so, suddenly……」

Zenobia lets out a cute voice as soon as her hair which was wrapped up together at the back of her head is lowered and her long hair fluttered in wind with a golden shine.

Up until now, her hair was styled in a ponytail which gave her a more chivalrous and dignified appearance like a knight, but by freeing her hair like this gave her a more feminine appearance and if she was not dressed in the armor, she would surely look like a noble lady.

No, in this look, it would not be strange to call her a Princess Knight.

「Here, all done …… and. Yes, suits you, Zenobia. 」

Twisting her hair from the top to the side and fastening the barrette near her ear, Falsa nodded in satisfaction and took his hand away from Zenobia’s hair.

「um, Fa, Falsa-Dono, thi, this is too much for me」

Zenobia’s face is dyed red like an apple, her mouth opens and closes rapidly, and she seems to be so agitated that she can’t turn around.

「Well, why don’t you just calm down? right, you can check in this mirror. I think it looks very good. 」

Overlooking Zenobia’s state, Falsa took out a hand-mirror from his pocket and urged Zenobia to check her hairstyle and barrette.

「ye, yes, yes I understand, I’ll check, I’ll check. 」

Despite being agitated, Zenobia uses the hand mirror to check her hairstyle.

In the mirror, a butterfly, with its shining silver-blue wings, flew gracefully across a golden meadow.

「What do you think? I thought silver and blue would go very well with Zenobia’s golden hair…」

Falsa calls out to Zenobia, who is solidified while looking in the mirror.

「Ah… That…… I’m very, very, happy. Falsa… I’m most happy that you chose it for me. Of course, this silver work is wonderful, but I’m happy that you kept my hair color in your mind, I’m really, really, happy. 」

Zenobia, who changed the way of addressing him in an emotional state tells Falsa and stares at his face with moist eyes.

「I’m glad that you’re pleased. Remember to be good to me in the future, Zenobia. 」

After saying so, Falsa reached out his hand to the head of Zenobia and stroked her golden head.

「A, aaa, fuaaa,fuaaaahuuuuu」

When Zenobia realized that she let out a weird voice, like a puppet whose strings have snapped, she leaned directly on Falsa’s chest.

「Wait a little, Zenobia? Hey Zenobia?」

Falsa shakes Zenobia who is on her chest and calls out to her, but she seems completely unconscious and gives no response.

As soon as Falsa began to ponder of what had happened, a frighteningly cold voice echoed from behind him.

「Fa–l—an—iii! What are you doing here? While we’re not looking! In the back of a deserted alley! In such close contact with Zenobia! What are you doing? I want you to teach us so that we can understand it, too? 」

AAh, he doesn’t want to turn around, Falsa really doesn’t want to turn around.


[1. TL NOTE: well isn’t that quite smooth.]


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  1. It’s natural for Zenobia as she a Nobles daughter -> It’s natural for Zenobia as she is a Nobles daughter

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