Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 11

Demon King’s affection, Subordinates feelings

「aah! Tart-Tan I have been waiting for you for so long! You are so cute fu-,ha-,fu-,ha-. Yes, Tart-Tan’s fragrance. And her silky hair too. Ah, yes, this! this is it! 」

As usual, when the maids left the room, the Demon King immediately jumped at Astarte, hugged her and stroked all over her body.

Astarte, who is quite short, tries to pull herself out of the Demon King’s breast, but she continues to show her love without any care.

「um, that……Mao…….Mao-Sama……that, calm……please calm down…….」

Every time Astarte tries to separate her face from the Demon King’s breasts, she is pulled back and is unable to speak properly.

「ah, yes this is the best. Tart-Tan is the best. Why don’t you get rid of this lukewarm military uniform and come do some good things with your Onee-San? Huh? Huh? It’s ok, yes you are the best. It’s okay, I will be gentle with you. Tart-Tan you can just count the stains on the ceiling. And leave everything else to your Onee-san? 」

As she spoke, her bright red eyes twinkled, and the Demon King pulled Astarte towards the bed.

Her eyes, which usually seem to be narrow and closed, are now wide open, which shows how serious she is.

「um-, Mao-Sama. Since Tart-Chan is also troubled, let’s get down to business. Or if you don’t have any work for me, is it ok if I go home? The thing is I want to return home. 」

While revealing her true feelings, she does not even look at Mirage and says:

「What, Mirage-Tan also wants to join us? I don’t particularly mind that, rather I recommend it! Simultaneously having the faceless Mirage-Tan and cute Tart-tan is the best. Both of them completely naked……gehaa!」

When Astarte, who was caught between the breasts of the demon king, twists her fist into the Demon King’s stomach, the Demon king lets out a voice that women should not let out and then collapses.

As the Demon Kings grasp loosens, Astarte adjusts her breath and then quickly hides behind Mirage to use him as a shield.

「Tart-Tan…….really…….her fist is unlike……….one would expect from that girl 」

Mirage remembered that girls or Astarte’s father and was able to guess the power in that fist.

Although he has now retired from the Demon King Army when he was active, he wielded formidable power, remembering the past, Mirage instinctively shudders.

The previous Mirage was devoted to fighting completely with magic, Astarte’s father who was unable to stand it, gave him experience with close-combat repeatedly.

As a person, he can respect him very much, but it’s inevitable that he fears him a little bit.

「huh, huh, fuuu. Mao-Sama please stop joking around. Let’s please get to the main issue. 」

When the calm Astarte urged her, the Demon King stood up and took out a letter from her pocket and handed it to Mirage.

When Mirage sees the seal stamped on the letter, he opens his mouth as if he understood the general situation.

「I see, is it a work to be the representative of Demon King Lilith? It’s going to be negotiation with some tribe. Is it so dangerous for it to require both of us? 」

Demon King Lilith- That’s the name of this perverted woman or the most powerful person in the Demon King’s Army.

Once upon a time, the demons of different tribes used to have long-lasting battles among themselves

The demons had a big racial difference among themselves, they differ greatly in their appearance and character, and their lifestyle differs from tribe to tribe.

As a result, the conflict among the tribes was constant and the place where the Demons lived was chaotic, but it was Demon King Lilith who put an end to this.

With the powerful demons of that time, she established an organization that became the predecessor of the Demon King’s Army, one by one merged different tribes through negotiations or force, as well as establishing laws and meditating ethnic conflicts, these are few of the many of her achievements.

Gradually the people started calling her the Demon King, and she is still feared.

While there are still tribes that are against the Demon King, it can be said that the regions under the rule of the Demon King Army have been much more peaceful than before.

「That’s right, I want you to negotiate with the Wolf Demons in the Northeast. It’s just between Rafa and Mirage-Tan’s territory, but since it’s about negotiating, I thought it should be done by Mirage-Tan. And if you are together with Tart-tan, you don’t have to care about who your opponent is, right? 」

The Wolf-Demons–they have sharp teeth, claws, wolf-like heads, and have an incomparably accurate sense of smell.

They also have a terrific physical strength and it is possible to say that they are a tribe specializing in close-combat which can be seen from the fact that they have repeatedly caused damage to Demon King Army when they have conflicts with them on numerous occasions.

Red eyes are common as characteristics of the Demons, but many tribes have an animal like traits like this.

The team leader mentioned earlier is from the Cow Demon tribe with characteristics of the cow, and there are many other varieties like Pig Demons, Cat Demons, Dog Demons and so on.1

「Of course, if the two of us go together, we wouldn’t have a problem, but would the Wolf-Demons be willing to negotiate? No matter how I think about it, we will kill each other.」

The combination of Mirage and Astarte and the combability of the two is the best in the Demon King Army.

No matter how much of an expert you may be, if a small gap is created with Astarte’s Illusion Magic, of course, you will prefer to temporarily stabilize yourself without getting involved.

If there is even a slight gap, it is possible to leave the place with Mirage’s Transfer Magic, so the two people are often assembled when the opponent or the place to go is dangerous.

And this time the Wolf Demons are a strong and war-like race and can be categorized as dangerous opponents.

「I don’t know, but we’ve sent the messenger to say that we are going to negotiate. I don’t think they’re suspicious, but as the Demon King Army has dealt with it formally, I can’t ignore it. Even if I want to, I can’t talk about it unless I’m ranked as a 4 Heavenly King. ……. Mirage-Tan, Tart-Tan, please take care and I’m relying on you. 」

The Demon King, Lilith, puts her hands together and bowed her head towards Mirage and Astarte.

Originally, it was possible to top-down it as an Imperial command from the Demon King, but she has taken an attitude that does not show any difference in position, whether it is her personality or whether it is because she is feeling guilty for giving a dangerous mission is only known to her.

No matter how compatible Mirage and Astarte are, there is a possibility that Mirage will be taken out by surprise.

Despite being trained—- to be accurate forcibly trained—— Mirage, who is a half-demon has physical ability lower than ordinary demons and his opponents are those who are specialized in close combat, so if he is caught in a situation where he is not able to use Magic it will be terrible.

It’s also possible that they will suddenly be attacked from behind and die.

Of course, it’s okay to not worry so much because they cannot be done in so easily, but there is no absolute thing in this world.

Since the Demon King Lilith has been leading the Demon King’s Army for so long, she has experienced the sudden and unexpected deaths of the people close to her many times.

「Don’t do that, Mao-Sama. A King should not bow to his subordinates. Whatever orders you give me, this Maniac Astarte will fulfill it, even if I have to put my life on the line. 」

Astarte declared in a very serious manner and gave a deep bow with her hand upon her chest.

It is an act very similar to that of a military officer.

「Likewise, Shadow Mirage, will give my life to fulfill your orders. 」

This was as perfect as ever, with his hands on his chest and his head down, as if his usual manner was an illusion.

Mirage thought that even though he didn’t like to work, he could agree with Lilith’s philosophy of creating a peaceful country and a peaceful world.

Above all, he hates conflict and wants to live peacefully, in a quiet and calm place.

「Tart-Tan…….. Mirage-Tan. ………I love both of you–, I love you—. Right, why don’t I take both of you as my bride? Marry me–, I will provide for you—」

The Demon King Lilith was moved so much that she hugged both Astarte and Mirage together and patted their head.

Incidentally, in a good mood her tufty— covered with the same brown hair as her hair— tail swayed left and right vigorously, again and again, to ascertain that texture.

No one would think that this is Lilith, the Demon King who carried the unification of the demons.

So sweet, that she would be seen as a friendly single woman.

「Mao-Sama, I’m a man, so I can’t marry you. 」

「I don’t want you to provide for me…and Mao-Sama is of the same sex」

With a somewhat astound, but still glad voice, both of them were hugged for some time by Lilith, the Demon King.

In the Demons Territory – commonly known as the place where the Demons who are still in conflict live.

At this moment, however, there was certainly a peaceful time in this place.



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