Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 10

The Lonely Heavenly King of the Shadow Army

The shirtless pervert with a Mask—originally Mirage—when he sees Astarte leaving the room, re-clothes himself, puts on the Black cloak and then transfers to the Office.

Several of his men were busy with paperwork in the office, but when they saw Mirage, they all stood up and bowed to him.

「oh-, I don’t mind it so be at ease, I am heading towards the Demon Castle after this, so I will be here for only a little while. 」

Mirage let his subordinates sit down freely and waited for Astarte to arrive, at his seat.

The subordinates returned to their respective jobs after replying in a firm tone.

It was awkward, Mirage thought, under his mask, probably with a frown on his face.

It doesn’t mean that he was in a bad mood, but it was simply just that he could not stand the atmosphere in the room.

No one works in this office except for the time when Mirage and Astarte are away.

Furthermore, Mirage himself does not have much contact with his subordinates, and the main commands are often given by Astarte—or Mirage created with the Illusion Magic.

Moreover, in contrast to Mirage who is from the Shadow Demon tribe, a minority tribe of demons, most of the soldiers of the Shadow Army, consists of the demons with silver horns like Astarte.

Basically, the demons often form a clique with those from the same tribe, and few people actively try to communicate with those from other tribes.

Further, Mirage is like the clouds above for them, one of the 4 Heavenly Kings.

Besides, so-to-speak, for them he was an outsider who pushed aside Astarte who was considered to be the next in line for the position of the 4 Heavenly Kings and took it for himself.

Such circumstances have coincided, and Mirage has not yet been able to casually speak with anyone except Astarte.

And the subordinates in the office are also working, so the air in the room is quite heavy.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I’m ready, let’s go there right away. 」

Mirage felt that it was a voice of an angle which washed away the tense air that has been brewing for some time, as soon as Astarte came to his office.

Mirage didn’t realize whether 5 minutes or 10 minutes, an hour or 2 has passed, due to him being so much concentrated in the awkwardness.

「Well, then, let us go at once, Astarte, here. 」

Mirage calls Astarte in a dignified voice, and she followed his steps obediently.

They both understand that their subordinates are watching them, so there was no idle banter like usual.

Mirage grabbed Astarte’s little hands who came near him and then made a rift in the space with his free right hand.

The hand felt quite cold and comfortable, but Mirage would never say it out loud as he thought he will be yelled at if said so, while thinking so both of them transferred to the Mirage’s room in Demon Castle.

「Please release my hands now, if you touch it for too long my skin will become rough. 」

As soon as they arrived in Mirage’s living room in the Demon Castle, the cold voice of Astarte echoed through the room.

Her attitude is almost as if the incident of her touching Mirage’s whole body never happened a while ago.

「Oh, I’m sorry. Let us go to Mao-Sama at once. 」

Mirage, on the other hand, seemed accustomed to such an attitude and, without any concern, let go of Astarte’s hand, turned towards the room door and began walking.

After that Astarte also followed and they headed towards the Demon King.

「By the way, do you know where Mao-Sama is? I still have her letter. 」

Astarte asks as she sees Mirage moving on without any hesitation.

「umm-, I feel that she should be in her chamber since she called me and Tart-Chan together. 」

Demon Kings Chamber is where Mirage was summoned the last time.

Mirage thought it would be the most comfortable place for them to talk, although it would be a different story if other people were present.

「That’s right. You know quite a lot about Mao-Sama. 」

Astarte responded in a flat tone.

Her red eyes remained staring at Mirage’s back.

「Yeah, well, I’ve been with the Demon King for a long time, and she has taken care of me for one reason or another. 」

The Demon King had selected him as one of the Four Heavenly Kings, but even before that, she had her eyes on Mirage.

It is natural to pick on other’s habits when you are acquainted for a long time, but Mirage still pretends to not know where she is, to find an excuse for skipping.

He is working more seriously than usual because he came with Astarte this time.

If he is by himself then it is ok, but he would not take any action to frustrate Astarte.

「I see. What was with that atmosphere when I entered the office? Have you still not been able to communicate with your subordinates? 」

Astarte who seemed to be not interested in listening about it changed the subject and begins to ask about the scene in the office.

「No-, I’m just not very comfortable. I’m thinking of doing something about it, but……it’s not so bad」

Even though one of the reasons for that is because he pushed aside Astarte who was going to be the next of the 4 Heavenly Kings, but he is hesitant to say that to the person herself, so he gives a vague reply.

「 When I saw that scene, I thought everyone was treating Mirage-Sama as if you were not there. As one would expect of the Shadow, your presence is like an illusion. 」

Astarte, who is even more harsh than usual, says words that gouged Mirage’s heart.

Although Mirage is the leader of the Shadow army and is active on the battlefield, he has very little contact with soldiers on the administrative side.

Therefore, it can be said that he did not have a strong presence in the castle, except for his appearance.

「Don’t say such a good thing, I’m quite concerned about it. 」

Mirage continued to walk along while dropping his shoulders and Astarte continues to follow him with no change in her expression.

The two walking figures together created a strange atmosphere that was somewhat distant, but still close.

「oh, Mirage-Danna……. and Astarte-Ojouchan, Is it an order from the Demon King? You have to work hard. 」

They walked in silence until they reached the Demon King’s Chamber and one of the two guards standing there cheerfully spoke to him.

「Good work, Captain, And you… that was just a bad day. 」

「than, thank you very much. 」

The soldier who spoke to them looked like a cow and looked like a veteran with many scars.

He is called the captain; he is the commander of the Chief guards directly under the supervision of Demon King and he is one of the few who can be said to be a friend of Mirage in the army.

For a long time, he was in the Demon King’s army and is trusted by his subordinates, and naturally, he was given an important position by the Demon King.

Though the 4 Heavenly Kings are higher in status within the Demon Kings Army, but they have merits and presence that cannot be placed below the 4 Heavenly Kings and the Demon King.

Originally, the duty of keeping watch over the room was to be left to his subordinates, but he himself wished to do so and when he has time, he comes over just like now.

「ha, ha! I’m very sorry about that time! I am sorry for my rude behavior, I didn’t know about Mirage-Sama of the 4 Heavenly Kings. 」

The other guard was the new soldier who had fainted last time.

Perhaps he had been told in advance that Mirage was coming, and he seemed calmer than before, but his voice was still very excited and loud.

There are wrinkles between the eyebrows of Astarte standing behind Mirage.

She doesn’t like noisy people, and she likes to be quiet.

「 Oh, yeah, I don’t care about it, so let’s calm down, we’re often summoned by the Demon King, so if you remember us, then It’s fine. 」

Mirage’s response is softer and more flexible than the last time.

Since they had a relation with the Demon King and the Captain, the soldiers of the Chief Guards have a more relaxed attitude.

「Haha–! Thank you, very much and good luck! Please, Mao-Sama is waiting for you. Mirage-Sama of the 4 Heavenly Kings and his Deputy Astarte-Sama are visiting! 」

With a little comical speech, the new soldier opens the door of the Demon King’s room and prompts them inside.

Mirage smiles bitterly under the mask and Astarte enters the room with an uncomfortable and fed up expression.



  1. Mirage felt that it was a voice of an angle which washed away the tense air that has been brewing for some time, as soon as Astarte came to his office.
    Man, I’d been in school for a while, learning many things about maths and geometry… Never have I heard a angle speak in a voice that washes away the tense air.
    I have heard a few angels and their angelic voices in my lifetime though.

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