Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 8

*Pat pat* Tart-Chan

Late at night, in a room in the Shadow castle, one man and a woman sat on a luxurious bed.

The man’s upper body is exposed, and his face is covered by a mask, so he will surely be judged as a mere pervert if he was seen by a stranger.

The woman is dressed in a military uniform, and she was caressing the man’s body with her icefish like white hands. 1

The distance between the two of them is naturally close, and the woman’s hand runs around the whole body of the man from the neck to the shoulder, from the chest to the waist as if making sure to feel everything one by one.

The expression of the woman is very serious and she seems to be quite concentrated in pressing the neck of the man with her thin and dainty fingertips, holding the chest and his back with both her hands to check the thickness of his chest and caressing around his well-defined abs.

At first glance, it seems that, that the girl feels a fetishism for the man’s muscles and the man seems to be entertaining her hobby.

「Tart-Chan, did you not say it will be over soon? 」

The half-naked pervert wearing a mask—Mirage of the 4 heavenly kings—calls out to the woman with muscle fetish—his Adjutant Astarte.

「No, just a little more」

Astarte doesn’t accept Mirage’s words and continues to touch his body.

Her gaze is fixed towards his body without even looking at his face.

「But…… still it is a little embarrassing, I think it should be fine now chest feel a little sore. 」

Mirage tried to twist his body in objection, as he was feeling a tickle from Astarte’s smooth hands touching his body.

Also, perhaps because Astarte is focussing on his abdomen, that her head is very close and the front ends of her two silvery glistening horns have prickled his chest many times now.

「……Mirage-Sama you know, I am not doing this because I want to, but because I need to. 」

Disgruntled by Mirage’s words, Astarte finally turned her face towards him and looked at him, which led to them having a very little distance between them.

That face is stiff as ever, it seemed like she is not the person who has been caressing his muscles till now.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the two seemed to be like a pair of couple up until now, but it seems that their circumstances are a little different than it appears to be.

「 Tart-Chan, I understand your obsession with Illusion Magic, but you know, I don’t think it is ok for a man and a woman to do this. If your father gets to know about this, he will behead me with my scythe. 」

Mirage makes an exaggerated gesture of cutting his head and persuades Astarte.

Her father seems to be so frightening that his voice trembles a little.

「My father doesn’t matter, it will not be a problem if Mirage-Sama doesn’t say unnecessary things. And since Mirage-Sama is often absent, so I end up having to use Illusion Magic」

–Illusion Magic, as the name implies, it is a magic which makes others perceive a vision that does not exist.

It sounds like very powerful magic, but in most cases, it’s a little bit of one-shot magic.

In the first place, even if you say you are going to show an illusion, it is not as easy as it sounds to be, as you have to directly influence the other party’s brain to show them an illusion.

Because the image of the caster who deals with the magic is reflected as it is, so it fails even if there is a little bit of confusion and even if it succeeds, It will become a vague illusion if the caster is weak-minded.

It is not usually possible to have a complete image in one’s brain.

That is the magic that anyone can use, but when it comes to the level of deception, there is seldom anyone who can handle it.

If you push it to the extreme, it will be as difficult as Mirage’s Transfer Magic.

「I’m very grateful for that. For Tart-Chan commanding the Army when I am away and doing things in place of me. 」

It’s solely because of Astarte’s Illusion Magic that Mirage needs to only stay at night.

And half of the successful Battles of the Shadow Army is the contribution of Astarte, as she commanded the soldiers using the illusion of Mirage or she used illusion to show that Mirage has transferred to the battlefield to raise the Morale of the Army.

Mirage believed because of these circumstances that, Tart-Chan has contributed more than half to his alias as Shadow and his achievements as the 4 heavenly kings.

「That’s right. I’m just doing something for visual and auditory sense, when I start working on the sense of touch, I will further increase my range. Since Mirage-Sama is so often absent from the castle, I think it is my duty as your subordinate to give my full effort. Can you understand my hardships a little? 」

Few people are so serious about their jobs.

Originally, Mirage should be seriously listening to Astarte’s teachings, but in his mind, he was still thinking that she should replace him as the part of the4 heavenly kings as usual.

「a–, yes, thank you so much. Oo, I almost forget about this, here this is a present for Tart-Chan.」

Mirage took out a large box from a rift in the space and handed it to Astarte.

After dealing with the orcs in the Day, Julia and her hero party left the village on a carriage headed towards the city where the lord of the region lived.

However, it takes a few days to reach with a carriage, so they planned to stop and stay in a town on the way.

The party who had already finished their first day of travel and arrived in the town was wandering around the town after lodging in, which is where Mirage who was acting as Falsa, brought Astarte’s favorite sweets as a present.

An earlier talk was about how to use things to make others happy.

「Stop trying to gloss over things with this. Honestly, it is shallow and vomit-inducing. If you have time to pick something like this, how about doing your work for that amount of time. 」

Astarte said coldly to Mirage but did not seem to show any sign of letting go of the box.

This is how Mirage is often scolded every time he gives a gift, but it has never been turned back.

Mirage’s, as well as Falsa’s presents, are secretly popular, as they have an unexpected sense of giving the gifts that meet the other party’s desires.

「Mirage-Sama, Astarte-Sama, Demon King Castle has contacted us, May I come in.」

The voice of the Messenger rang out, as he knocked at the door of the room.

The message from the Demon castle probably came through the communication ball in the office.2

In fact, the communication ball is a very precious tool and can be used to communicate with the other communication ball using magic.3

In the Demon Kings Army, two pairs are distributed to each of the 4 heavenly kings, one pair is used between the Demon Castle and the respective Heavenly Kings Castle, and the other pair is given to the Heavenly King to be used freely.

In the Shadow Army, Mirage and Astarte have a paired communication ball and Astarte handles the communication between Demon castle and Mirage.

Also, some of the extra communication balls are in the Demon Castle, and may sometimes be carried by the soldiers if necessary, but only the 4 Heavenly Kings carry them all the time.

In this world where there are very few people who can transfer like Mirage, the tools that can be used to communicate with distant places is that rare and precious.

However, as both of them were in Mirage’s room right now, other soldiers should have responded to it.

「Please, enter. 」

Astarte answers without a moment’s break and the door of his room is opened.

Of course, Mirage is naked from the upper body, and they are sitting quite close to each other on the bed.

It would be a great problem if the Messenger sees his boss – also one of the four heavenly kings and his deputy — in such a state.

However, Astarte did not give Mirage any room to dress up, nor did she move away from him, and responded to the arrival of the messenger.


[ 1.TL NOTE: her hand is described as icefish like which I assume is thin and soft. Anyways I am not able to get more than this so if any of you know anything please do share.]

[ 2.TL NOTE: I will be writing the Demon Kings castle as the Demon castle from now on.] [ 3.TL NOTE: so, the Communication balls come in a pair and the communication is possible between the pair only. You will get it as you read ahead, but just in case I mentioned it.]


  1. I feel like Tart is a kuudere with tsundere words, and is now trying to lay claim on mirage by letting everyone think they are a couple

    1. That women’s intuition is scary. She probably “knows” about the Maou and maybe feels there are probably additionals…

      Scary Illusionist.

  2. Icefish are notable in that they live in the Antarctic and that they have no hemoglobin in their blood, so I suspect the author is saying she is extremely pale and cold to the touch.

  3. I think it is should be fine now -> I think it should be fine now
    for a man and a woman to this. -> for a man and a woman to do this.
    I will become a vague illusion if the caster is weak-minded. -> It will become a vague illusion if the caster is weak-minded.
    but did not seem showing any sign of letting go -> but did not seem to show any sign of letting go

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