Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 7

Peaceful Time

「 What are you two doing! Don’t you know that a man and woman should not share the same seat! And You, you, you are sharing a bed and sleeping together! Outrageous, it is 1000 times more wrong! I envy you …… no, it is disgraceful! 」 

Julia and Falsa were made to kneel on the floor, while they received Zenobia’s preaching. 

Wrinkling her forehead, she combined it seems some eastern proverbs while earnestly admonishing them, she seemed to be doing so but at the same time, it did not seem like it. 

Meanwhile, looking at the scene of the two sleeping together and fuming Zenobia, Palmina had a happy expression on her face. 

「 Zenobia, come on now please forgive me. My delicate and beautiful foot is hurting」 

Julia speaks to Zenobia in a childlike manner, somehow trying to mend the situation. 

Zenobia faltered a little and while wondering if she overdid it, further seeing the gap, Falsa chimed in to land the final blow. 

「What can I say, I don’t think we are guilty of anything, in particular, you are exaggerating it quite a bit isn’t it so? Besides that today is the orc processing after this ……….we have to go to the village chief house soon, the villager must be waiting for us. How can you consider yourself to be a person worthy of being a Knight if you fall behind the promised time? I believe we must properly do our work. 」 

Although the words that were spoken were very questionable, Falsa questions Zenobia with a very sound argument. 

This is because he knows that Zenobia is stricter with rules and morals than anyone else. 

「 Well, sure, if we stay like this, we’ll be late…I can’t help it this time…But the same thing is forbidden in the future and should not happen again! 」 

Though Zenobia seems to be reluctant to do so, she prioritizes her chivalry as a knight and releases them. 

「uuー、my knees hurtー。Pal-Aneー, can you use Healー」1 

Julia ran up to Palmina, trembling in her steps and hugged her as fast as she could. 

「Now, Julia-Chan is like a spoiled child, Yes, He–al」 

Palmina smiled at Julia and gently stroked her head while chanting the spell ………without any problem. 

Julia was a little puzzled, as Palmina continued stroking her head without saying anything. 

「wellー, this is a very good Heal ー. It’s certainly healing ー」 

Julia seems to be enjoying the famed Heal as much as she was feeling good with the strokes. 

「ow-ow-ow……really, I am not very good at this kind of punishment. My body is very delicate, as you can see, and I will have a lot of trouble if I don’t take care of it. 」 

Falsa, who let out a little …… no, a rather exaggerated painful voice stood up while rubbing his knees and spoke to Zenobia in a reproachful way. 

In the first place the bodies of Demons are much stronger than humans, so no matter how much of a Half, it is not going to be this way and it seems to be an act of light revenge from him.2 

「um……, I, I’m sorry. I may have gotten a little too angry. Falsa-Dono is a mage and is different from me or Julia. 」 

Zenobia apologized to Falsa while flinching. 

Not only the Knight Zenobia but also the Hero Julia has trained more and has more strength then they appear to have. 

「No, I was careless too. …… but I don’t want to say that I will not participate because of the injury, so is it ok for me to entrust the patrolling to Zenobia and Julia? I can’t move around much but, I think it will not be a problem for me to guard the villagers and Palmina. 」 

Here, it is nothing but Falsa trying to dodge doing the patrolling. 

In either case, while Palmina and the villagers are working, someone must keep a lookout so that no monsters come near them. 

Although the Orcs were exterminated just yesterday, so there should be little danger, but it is just a precaution. 

In patrolling you have to walk around, while in the other you just have to watch the surroundings of the working villagers and be a little vigilant, so of course, the latter is a lot easier. 

「yea…h, as we have the physical strength, we will do the patrolling, while Falsa-Dono can stand guard beside Palmina-Dono. 」 

Falsa’s stress on his physical weakness gives him easy consent. 

In the first place, they have traveled so far together and it is unnatural if you think a little about not having strength at this point, but Zenobia seems to have not realized it. 

「Well, I don’t mind. It is better to look round than to sit still. 」 

In the first place with Julia’s character, she is not suited for the role of a guard where you have to stand at a place and be vigilant of the surroundings. 

When the division of the roles was completed, they went to the village chief’s house and joined the villagers. 

When they arrived at the place where the Orc’s had been exterminated yesterday, the villagers dug a large hole under the instructions of the village chief and began collecting bodies of Orc there. 

Orc’s are fairly heavy labor as they are very smelly and big, but everyone is working hard. 

「Well, they’re all very serious. I thought I’d have to do some work, but the villagers here work very hard. 」 

Falsa spoke to Palmina who was standing next to him while vigilantly watching his surroundings. 

He thought that if he was a villager, he would do his best not to participate. 

By the way, Julia and Zenobia have already started their rounds, so they are not here. 

「That’s right……… surely that is so because the village chief-san is an excellent leader and the villagers trust him. You don’t see this kind of person often. 」 

Palmina replied with heartfelt admiration. 

Saint Palmina-she is also a priest of Fortuna who believes in the Goddess Fortuna. 

It is because of her unique magic ability that she is praised as a saint, the Purification magic used on the orcs, the Healing magic to cure injuries and illnesses, and the Barrier magic used to protect Falsa yesterday and so on are the things she deals with. 

The three magic together is called Holy magic and only those who have received the Divine protection of the Goddess Fortuna can use that, also most people who have received the Divine protection can only use one of the magic. 

But Palmina can use all the three Magic and Julia the hero is also under the Divine protection of the Goddess, so Palmina accompanies them on this journey as the Holy magic instructor of Julia. 

So, to say, both of them are Julia’s magic teacher and are also excellent magicians. 

「 I talked to him yesterday and felt that he was a kind-hearted person but if Palmina says so then he must be quite a person. It’s a waste of his talent to be in a rural area like this. 」 

The saint Palmina’s ability and beauty gave her the chance to interact with many people. 

At times seriously ill big -named merchants or nobles trying to be friends with her or royalties whose life has been saved by her. 

While working as a priest, she was also invited to various dinner parties and social circles and as she has participated in many missionary work, her eyes for judging people has nurtured. 

The fact that Palmina is truthfully praising him means he is quite a talented person, including his personality and ability. 

「Don’t praise me too much now, Falsa-Kun……. the village was able to withstand the Orc’s attack because of you. 」 

Orc is not only a monster that ravages rice fields and food but also captures women for breeding. 

That’s why women hate it, and that’s why it’s quite dangerous for such creatures to settle outside the village. 

It would be not unusual for people to flee, but when Falsa’s group had visited the village, the villagers had united to minimize the damage caused by the Orc’s. 

Of course, it was not possible to win by force, but they had managed to gain time by working out various ideas such as setting up traps to keep them away and so on. 

「This is a very good village, and I would like to live in it. 」 

It’s a quiet and ordinary village, but it’s a more comfortable village with the village Chief in the center. 

Although Falsa said so with half seriousness, Palmina took it as a joke and laughed a little at it. 

「Fufufu, that’s true, that kind of life might be good. 」 

The Court mages are the elites of the elite in Mages. 

In such a situation, Falsa is the head of the Court mages—that is, the top of the elites. 

His status in the royal palace is such that he can speak directly to the King, equal to the status of the Prime minister and the Head of the Royal Knights and the likes and his authority has entered at least the top five among the kingdom. 

Also, with the Imperial court Mages a group of Mages, with the greatest military strength, there very few people who can harm Falsa. 

It is usually unimaginable that Falsa, who has such a position and power, to live in the countryside. 

「I’m not joking. Although it is better now that I am traveling like this but when I am at the royal palace, I am so busy that I feel dizzy sometimes. 」 

To the Falsa who let out a sigh like usual, Palmina spoke gently. 

「But that’s the evidence that Falsa-Kun is needed by others. It’s a thing to be proud about. 」 

Between Falsa and Palmina, Falsa appears to be the older one in terms of age at a glance. 

Regardless of his actual age, Falsa, who is tall and slender, has white skin and black eyes appear to be in his early twenties or even if estimated highly in his mid-twenties. 

On the other hand, Palmina is nineteen years old, even if you only consider her appearance there will be no more than 3 to 5 years of difference but, she calls out Falsa-Kun in a surprisingly intimate way. 

When a person who doesn’t know the two of them hears it, he or she will just guess that they are a couple, but of course, that is not the case. 

「Still, I am nothing in front of Palmina. I am just an ordinary Magical fool, but Palmina is someone who everybody yearns for, the beautiful saint-Sama」 

When Falsa jokingly teased Palmina, she puffed up her cheeks and looked up at Falsa’s face. 

「You’re so mean to make fun of me, Falsa-Kun, if you keep on saying such weird things, I will tell Julia-Chan about it. 」 

Usually acting as the Hero party’s Onee-San, Palmina is quite docile and amiable, but when she and Falsa are alone, she shows a face appropriate for her age. 

Even though Falsa thought it would be noisy when she told Julia about it, he enjoyed this peaceful exchange. 

It is only a little later that you realize that the villagers who have completed their work are seeing such an exchange between the two people. 


[1. TL NOTE: I have highlighted the name of all the Magic spells by making it Bold. If there is any that I missed hope you understand and mention it in the comments, I will fix it.] 

[2. TL NOTE: Here Half means that he is a half-demon, so he should be physically strong.] 


  1. has participated in may missionary work -> has participated in many missionary works

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