Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 6

Returning in the Morning

How much time has passed since Mirage began to scuffle with documents?

On the desk, there was a pile of approved documents, which was asserting its existence.

「 This is the last one…fuu-h, it’s finally over. What about Tart-Chan? 」

Mirage asked Astarte sitting next to him while doing loud stretches.

His voice lacked vigor and gave a slightly dull impression perhaps because of the fatigue.

「 I’m done with it too…but Mirage-Sama, it is time for sunrise soon will you be alright? 」

Astarte tells Mirage while looking out of the eastern window of the office.

If it was usual Mirage, he would have gone home before Astarte pointed out, but today he seemed to have been concentrating so much that he forgot about the time.

「 What? Oh, it’s true. Tart-Chan, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to leave soon. Tart-chan should also go home once in a while and show your father your face. Well then, that’s it for today. Gate 」

Mirage chanted the transmission spell in a hurry and disappeared without waiting for Astarte’s reply.

Astarte who was left alone in the office was dumbfounded and creased her white forehead while muttering something.

「 If Mirage-Sama can do a little more work, then I can also return home, but would you…….. 」

There was no answer to the voice that had been released into the air.

Astarte stared at the void and thought about something for a while.

The morning sun gradually came in, and Astarte’s face was illuminated, making her beautiful hair shine more radiantly.

Without knowing the words of Astarte, Falsa had returned to the room of the inn in the farming village.

The reason why he transferred again after changing clothes in his room of the Shadow castle beforehand is to prevent his identity from being exposed by an unforeseen situation.

Although Julia’s group and Mirage one of the four heavenly Kings are not direct acquaintances, he doesn’t know where the information will leak out, so he always pays attention when he comes back.

The transfer magic itself can be called a new cover-up spell or a training spell that has been kept secret in the school and will be possible to deceive others, but it is impossible to do the same for conspicuous objects such as the mask or the scythe.

It may be left in the memory of the other person and become a notch that connects Falsa and Mirage at some point in time.

And the opportunity to see the use of that prudence came soon.

「Oh! Oh! where had Fal-ani been until morning? I’ve been here for a while, but the fact that you showed up now means you haven’t returned to your room since yesterday, right? 」

When suddenly called, Falsa’s shoulder shakes, but he turns timidly and confirms the owner of the voice behind him.

「It is a bad thing to sneak into other’s room, Julia 」

Falsa spoke back to Julia who was on the bed very coolly to not let her feel his agitation but was wondering how to deal with it in his head.

「You can’t deceive me by changing the topic like that. Where Have you been without telling us? Every day, you used to stay in your room saying you were training your magic, but it was really to sneak out by yourself. 」

Julia has always been strangely sharp, Falsa recalls when he met her but continued to carefully spin his words.

「Certainly… as Julia said, I was out of my room every night. 」

When Julia heard the words, she looked a little surprised, perhaps because she didn’t think that he would admit it so easily.

And then confirming Julia’s facial expression Falsa further continued shrewdly.

「But I can’t talk about it in detail. I also have one or two secrets. Julia too would not like it if someone delves into yours carelessly, would you? Julia should best understand this as you are the person who has known me for the longest time right? 」

Staring into Julia’s eyes, Falsa sits down on the bed.

Falsa placed his right hand on Julia’s head and began stroking it slowly and gently.

「Mu–, that’s how Fal-Ani caresses my head when you are trying to deceive me. I don’t feel particularly bad about it, but I think this is a little sneaky. 」

Julia puffed up her cheeks, while her mouth looked displeased.

However, when Falsa’s hand brushed over her head two or three times more, her mouth loosened up, while she leaned her head over Falsa’s chest.

「I’m a bad adult, right? sometimes I also lie and sometimes I also deceive. 」

The distance between the two is quite close, but the situation looks more like a brother and sister than a relationship between a man and a woman.

This continued for a few minutes, Julia who was enjoying her head being stroked in a relaxed atmosphere suddenly opened her mouth.

「Speaking of which…Does Fal-Ani have a dream? That you want to do in the future. Or are you satisfied with the fact that you are already the head of the Court Mage? 」

Dreams… at least I would like to quit as the head of the court magician right now, Falsa thought.

「 Well… I want to live in a quiet place like this village in peace. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend time reading every day? 」

While Falsa’s face is genuinely happy, Julia makes an unpleased face, it is mainly because of reading.

「I know that Fal-Ani likes to read, but from my point of view, it’s just torture. 」

Falsa recalls that Julia was not good with books and studying anyway and that she frequently skipped the magic theory classes he taught.

「It’s been five years since then. Julia, a hero candidate, is a real hero, and I, a court magician apprentice, have become the head of the court magician, we both have become remarkable. 」

Falsa looked up at the ceiling while smiling wryly and added in his heart I didn’t want to be great.

Falsa’s first job as an apprentice to a court magician by chance was to teach Julia’s group, the hero candidates.

The relationship has not changed much even now, and as a teacher dedicated to the hero, he accompanies her on her journey.

Zenobia teaches swordplay, Palmina teaches Holy magic, they are boasted to be an elite of their respective kingdoms assigned to teach Julia every day.

「Hey, Fal-Ani, can’t we skip today’s morning magic training? I’m so sleepy. I’ve been waiting for you. 」

When Falsa was absorbed in his thoughts, Julia made a ridiculous proposal to her lecturer, Falsa.

The usual Falsa would have flatly refused her, but things were different today.

Along with the transfer of soldiers, he was also so much concentrated in finishing of the documents that he forgot about the time. He had accumulated fatigue — mostly mental fatigue from the transfer from soldiers –, so he wanted to get some sleep and was considering that.

Most demons originally didn’t need to sleep, but in the case of Falsa, things were a little different.

Falsa has his mother’s black hair and right eye, but the Demons don’t have a black eye.

Even if they are of a different tribe, all of the demons uniformly have red eyes.

On the contrary, there are no species with red eyes in the human race, so the color of the eyes is the easiest way to distinguish between the demons and the human race.

It seems that his mother was of the human race, but by the time Falsa became aware of his surroundings, she had already passed away.

Falsa does not know what he was, but anyway he was born between the father of the shadow demon race and the mother of the human race.

As a result, Falsa did not need long sleep like the human race but instead had to take a short nap, so he took a nap every day for a little while before sunrise.

However, since he came back late today and the accumulation of fatigue was greater than ever, it was natural for him to accept the proposal.

After that, the two continued to sleep with innocent faces until Zenobia and Palmina arrived, as they noticed that Julia was not in her room.

Especially, Julia who seemed to have drifted off in her dream, embracing Falsa as a pillow with a happy face.



  1. Just read all six chapters. Can’t wait to see where the story goes.
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  2. I have to say that his work is much appreciated since it is difficult to find a good quick translation of small novels like this, in addition, it is noted that you put effort into the translation

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