Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 3

The Work of the Four Heavenly Kings 1

Falsa, who had just disappeared with the spatial rift, appeared in a land far away from the village.

It was a room in the Demon kings Castle, given to Falsa – no, Mirage one of the Shitenno (four heavenly kings) of the Demon Kings army.

「phew, I have ……arrived. Where is Mao-sama? Well, I will just ask the nearby subordinates. 」

Falsa who changed to Mirage exited his room and started wandering around the castle while asking the whereabouts of the demon king to the passers-by.

All who were called out responded uniformly with a tense face, and when they parted, they gave a deep bow to Mirage

After asking around, people told him that the Demon King was in her own room, but Mirage walked in a carefree manner without appearing to be in any hurry.

「 Hmm, if her whereabouts were not known, I could have used it as an excuse to be late. Usually, many don’t know where she is, then why is it that at a time like this, it is known by every subordinate. 」

His face underneath the mask cannot be seen, but he would surely be making a vexed expression.

This attitude does not seem to be the way one deals with his own superior.

It is unknown whether that very sluggish manner of walking represented Mirage’s unwillingness to work or whether it represented his heart of not meeting the Demon king.

Along with such futile and trivial resistance he arrived in front of the Demon King’s room and called to the security guard protecting the door.

「Heyy–,you……there, Yes you. Mao-sama summoned me, can you let me enter the room. 」

It was an unfamiliar face, so Mirage didn’t know the other party’s name.

On the other hand, the soldier who was spoken to looked suspiciously at Mirage.

「 I beg your pardon, but can you take that mask off? I can’t let anyone pass through who’s face I don’t know. 」

The request to Mirage— the suspicious character who wore a mask and a black cloak along with carrying a large scythe was quite reasonable.

However, for Mirage the mask is something that hides his identity, and cannot be removed.

「 Well, don’t you know me? I can’t take this mask off. I have also received permission from the Demon King, so could you convey it to him first? 」

Mirage responds to the words of the soldier very calmly.

The mask, black cloak, and the large sickle were synonymous to his identity, he guessed that perhaps this un-familiar soldier was a newcomer, and thus changed his request.

「 I can’t leave this place, so I won’t do that. 」

With a complete look of distrust, he turned towards Mirage and rejected his request of conveying his message.

Why was there only one soldier in the first place? which was supposed to have been guarded by two, when Mirage remembered this, another soldier came running from the back of the hallway.

「 Oh, senpai, you finally came back from the toilet! This suspicious person is making an unreasonable request of allowing him to enter Mao-Sama’s room with his face hidden. Is it okay if I drive him away? 」

When the novice soldier asked the senior soldier, the senior soldier’s mouth repeatedly closed and opened while his gaze repeatedly shifted between Mirage and the novice soldier.

「Fo, fo fo fo,you fool !This person here is one of the Shitenno (four heavenly kings), Shadow Mirage-Sama!What suspicious person, this idiot! Mirage-Sama, it seems that the guy was rude to you while I was away from this place, I’m terribly sorry! Hey, why are you not apologizing too!」」

The Senior soldier forces the head of the new soldier down and apologizes to Mirage.

After a while, the new soldier also understood the gravity of the matter and began to rub his head on the ground.

「I, I, I, I, I’m, I’m terribly sorry…… please, please, please forgive me. I’m very sorry. I’m really sorry. 」

The new soldier repeatedly apologizes to Mirage, while his body is shaking and various liquids flowing through his eyes and nose.

Certainly, he was a little inflexible, but Mirage thinks that there is no fault of the new soldier who does not know anything about because of how Mirage looks like, rather if it really is a suspicious person than it is natural for him to deal with the other party as such.

Among the Shitenno (four heavenly kings), Mirage is particularly eccentric, it is not an exaggeration to say that Mirage was seated on the throne because of his ability to provide logistical support rather than the front line.

It is still better for the senior officers who have served the Demon King for many years, but for the ordinary soldiers, they know nothing but the name of the one of the Shitenno (four heavenly kings) Mirage.

「 No, I didn’t introduce myself so, it can’t be helped. Let’s think of this as an unfortunate accident and let’s flush it down the drain. 」

It may sound a little arrogant, but Shitenno (four heavenly kings) is the next highest-ranking officer in the army after the Demon King and it can be said that they are big shots among big shots.

Mirage knew with his position that if a senior member of the Demon Army responded humbly to his subordinates; the other side would be frightened.

「Thank you very much for your generosity.…… Mao-sama ordered to let Mirage-Sama directly pass through when he comes. Please, go ahead. 」

Filled with a sense of guilt about having done something pathetic, Mirage set foot in the Demon Kings chamber.

「 Shadow of the Shitenno (four heavenly kings) Mirage, has come as fast as possible to answer the summon of Mao-sama. What order does my king has for me this time? If it is Mao-Sama’s command, I will give my life to complete it. 」

Mirage shouted these words towards the canopy bed, without any sincerity in his voice while speaking.

If they were alone, he would be a little more casual, but because there were several maids in the Demon King chamber, he had to be considerate, as he had to keep their reputation in mind.

That is why he readily put his hand on his chest and gave a deep bow as soon as he entered the front room.

「 Mirage you have arrived. I want to talk to this person in private, everyone withdraw from this room. 」

The dignified voice of a woman echoed from the inside of the thin cloth hanging from the canopy, and the maids began to leave the room as ordered.

The maids left the room with their heads bowed down to Mirage, and at the same time the door closed, the woman’s voice was heard again.

「…… Did the others leave? 」

「It’s okay now, Mao-Sama」

When Mirage replied in a soft tone, the thin cloth fluttered and began to whirl.

「oh–, you came late again Mirage-Tan!I’ve waited for you so long.」

In a tone different from the previous one, from behind the thin cloth a young beautiful woman— the Demon King jumped out.

She jumped into Mirage’s chest, rubbed her head on it for a while, and quickly stretched her left arm out onto Mirage’s mask.

「 I won’t fall for that move. How many times do you think has it been? I say change it a little and please practice some more. 」

Mirage caught the left arm which had crept up from the blind spot firmly while declaring to the Demon King in an exasperated tone.


[ TL NOTE: so in the entire chapter as you would have noticed I have used Shitenno (four heavenly kings), the reason for this is that I am not able to decide which one to choose as both seemed OK for me, so I would like to ask you which one would you all prefer, you can comment it below and we can go with that ]


  1. I dont know why I thought I smelled a harem but it seems like his personality wont allow it considering that his only doing it for the money I think?

    1. Hmm..well only the author knows about it , i am also reading it as i translate so can’t comment much on that, but you can think in the direction of him still continuing his dual jobs even if he can just do well enough with one.( No spoilers though i also am just speculating)

  2. Thanks for the chapter, well as soon as the heroe and Mou realize they are aiming for the same guy they imgth decided to do an attack in a share front.

  3. Wow! The demon king is actually a queen? Though in some cases ladies are still referred to as “king”. Was she aiming to remove his mask or something else?

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