Dual Life

Dual Life Chapter 1

Every day of the Hero Part

Golden color spreads as far as the eye can see, wheat crops which have reached the harvest time are blowing and swaying with the wind.

When you look over the field, there is no human to be seen harvesting the crop.

Wheat harvest is even a specialty of this village and plays a key role in earning a livelihood for the villagers.

The wheat is harvested, then grains are removed, and then the grains are coarsely ground into flour with a windmill to obtain the wheat flour.

The completed product is then purchased by the peddlers with money and then the money is exchanged for goods necessary for living.

In this peaceful village, such a simple, as well as peaceful life, has continued generation after generation.

In such a rural area, the sound of a fierce battle that is not similar to its peaceful atmosphere is resounding in its outskirts.

「These ugly pigs! You guys, don’t let even a single of these orcs escape」

A woman wearing armor who looks like a female knight while holding a sword screams out of rage as she cuts a pig-faced monster called orc.

「Zenobia, you’re a little too far ahead! If you don’t bring them all together a little more, it won’t be possible to wipe them out with magic. I sure don’t like these orcs either, but you need to calm down a little. 」

The girl who warned the female knight—Zenobia, has a neutral face that can be mistaken to be of a boy at first glance.

「Sorry, Julia. When I look at these guys, blood rushes to my head. 」

Zenobia apologized to the neutral looking girl-Yulia while cutting through the orcs with the sharp sword, she retreated and stood side by side with Yulia.

Dozens of orcs gathered around the two girls and obscenely stared at them.

「 Falsa-Dono! Isn’t the magic finished yet? It’s creepy to be seen with such a vulgar look. 」

「 I’m also at my limit. Fal-Ani, hurry up! 」

The two girls were already reaching their limit and urged the person at the back who wore a black robe to finish up.

「 Sorry to keep you both waiting! It is ready, Get away from them! 」

The man dressed as a magician in a black robe―― Falsa’s both hands were covered in flames.

As soon as the girls jump back and retreat, the flame hit the group of orcs.

「 Burn everything down, Firestorm! 」

Dozens of groups were wrapped in a storm of fire in an instant, the orcs drew their last breath while their bodies burned.

By the time the nice aroma of roasted pork enveloped the area, the Orcs had ceased any movement.

「 You both seem to have been a little injured. Heal! 」

When the girl in the nun’s uniform who was standing by the side of Falsa, casts magic on the two girls who had been fighting the groups of orcs until just before, their wounds were healed in the blink of an eye.

「As one would expect from the restoration magic of the saint-Sama of the church. It feels safe even if one is injured. 」

「yes, as one would expect Palmina-Dono to be. The speed of the healing of injury is unbelievable. 」

「 hehe, you both praise me too much. Beside rather than me we were able to easily exterminate the orcs thanks to Falsa-Kun 」

The girl in the nun’s uniform- Palmina gives a quiet laugh and turns her face towards Falsa.

「 I didn’t do much. It was thanks to Palmina who defended me with the Barrier magic, and to Yulia and Zenobia who attracted the attention of Orcs. I wouldn’t have been able to cast my magic power alone. 」

「 Still, The Magic of Fal-Anni is amazing! I’m doing my best in training magic, but I’m simply not your match! 」

「 Yes, even in the royal palace, the reputation of Falsa-Dono is very high. He is the rumored magical genius who climbed up to the head of the Imperial Magus at a young age. 」

Falsa answers with humility, but both Julia and Zenobia praise him with a look of respect.

Maybe uncomfortable with praises, Falsa tries to change the topic while scratching his head.

「 Rather than that, the villagers will be able to harvest the wheat. It is good that we came to this village before the harvest season was over. 」

「 That’s true. Thanks to us, they can harvest it, Let’s eat bread made from freshly milled wheat. 」

Julia proposes to three people in a little playful manner.

This peaceful village was troubled because it could not harvest wheat due to the invasion of Orcs.

It was thought that this year’s harvest was hopeless, at that time four people coincidentally arrived in the village and nominated their name for the subjugation.

「 We just did what we were supposed to do as a hero, so don’t get carried away with it. 」

Zenobia poked Julia’s forehead with her finger.

Of course, it’s as a joke as always, so the power is very weak.

「 Boohoo, Pal-Ane. Zenobia is bullying me. Even though I did my best. 」

Julia continues her pranks further and buries her face between Palmina’s voluptuous breasts while acting spoilt.

「 Yeah yeah, Julia-Chan did her best. There, there. 」

Palmina has a smile overflowing with affection, worthy of the name of the holy woman while patting the head of Yulia who looked like a cute 3-year-old younger sister.

「 Um the three of you, shouldn’t we report to the village chief soon? We have to request the villagers to deal with the Orcs too, if we don’t move quickly the sun will set. 」

The three of them finally start moving when Falsa urged them with an exasperated voice.

It is good that they are good friends, but with that in mind, Falsa takes it to lead them.

「hey hey, Fal-ani. Can’t I stay in Fal-ani’s room tonight? 」

On the way, Yulia proposed while looking at Falsa’s face with an innocent face.

Although it is uttered by a sixteen-year-old girl, it seems that there is not much sense of discomfort because of her neutral appearance and petite body.

「 He, hey Yulia, it is improper to stay in a man’s room! A lady should carry herself modestly! 」

Zenobia rebukes while appearing flustered.

Her face is tinged red and as can be seen, she is weak with this kind of topic.

「 Zenobia you are dis–gu–s–ti–ng. I just want to know the magic training that Fal-Ani is doing, what are you thinking about? 」

「I, I did not……I did not, that’s not it」

When Yulia grinned and refuted, Zenobia put both of her hands on her face and crouched down.

Seeing such a situation Palmina’s smile doesn’t fade, and Falsa laments that it has begun again.

「 Yulia, don’t be too harsh on Zenobia. And besides, I can’t teach my training to others. It’s not even secret to you who is a hero. Furthermore, a girl staying in a man’s room can’t be said thoughtlessly even as a joke. 」

「yee-s, I’m so-rry. I’m sorry Zenobia. 」

That image of gently rebuking Yulia, when seen by an outsider, will judge them as a pair of an older brother and younger sister apart by some years.

「 You both look like real brothers and sisters, I’m jealous. I want an Onisan like Falsa-kun, too. I wonder if it should be nice to call you Falsa-oniisama ?」

「me too!i also want to have a reliable oni-sama like Falsa-dono !Fal, Falsa……Aniue」1

Wherever three women gather it is noisy while remembering the proverb in the east, Falsa sighed again.

「It’s a very attractive proposal, but my body would not be able to hold on if I have three Imoto. Julia alone is too much trouble; I don’t want to think about anything more. I beg you both to let it remain as it is. 」

Yulia’s childish appearance and spoilt behavior are enough, rather if Zenobia and Palmina are added he will lose his sanity, hiding such thoughts Falsa pleads.

「 Well, did Fal-ani think of me like that? It’s heartbreaking. It’s not easy to heal my broken heart! 」

「 Oh, that’s too bad. But certainly, if you have three Imouto, it would be hard. Then, if that is so is it better if I be your Onee-san? 」

「I, I can be an Imoto or ane or…… I don’t mind anything。of, of course, if Falsa-Dono wishes I can be his, wi, wi, wife too……」

As the conversation grew more and more complicated, the four noticed that they had arrived in front of the village chief’s residence.

As he can’t deal with them anymore, Falsa leaves the three of them and knocks on the door.

「Village chief-San, Orc’s suppression has been completed, and we have come to report it. 」

Falsa raised his voice so that it can be heard throughout the house.

Without taking much time loud footsteps can be heard from inside, and then the door was opened vigorously.

「 Oh! I’ve been waiting for you. Come on in Please. Can you tell me more about it? 」

A man with a good physique invites the four people inside the house with an impatient appearance.

The village chief looked around 5o years and a little thin-headed.

The four of them enter the house as prompted, and sit down on chairs lined up in front of a table in a room that seemed to be the living room.

They sat in the following order, from the back Julia, Falsa, Palmina, Zenobia on one side and the other side, they sat it in the order of the village chief, his wife, his son, and his son’s wife.

「In that case, please allow me to give the report, the extermination of the orcs group settled on the outskirts of the village has been completed without any problem. There may be some remnants left, so we’ll patrol around for a few days, but it probably wouldn’t be a problem. 」2

As soon as Falsa reports on behalf of the group, a shout of joy broke out from the village chief.

The time of harvest had come for the village, but it didn’t progress normally because of the orcs settling near the village.

It is a heavy burden for the villagers to do the subjugation, but it costs a lot to hire adventurers, and it takes time to request the lord.

When he was worried about what to do, it could be said that the arrival of the hero party was a godsend gift.

「 But dozens of orcs corpses have been left as it is. I’d like to ask the villagers to help us with the processing…. We have to collect the corpses and purify them before they become undead. 」

「 Of course, all the village men will come out and help. The harvest was delayed because of the Orcs. There is no word to express our gratitude for solving the problem. Oi, circulate the message to gather at the outskirts of the village tomorrow morning. 」

After the village chief replied to Falsa’s word with a smile, he instructs his son to contact the villagers, the son left his seat after bowing without any objection.

In these small villages, a communication network is established in advance, and the head of the family or the eldest son is usually the liaison.

「 Well, it’s very helpful, as you can see, our party is full of women. Further, as can be seen, the only man of the party me is not very good with manual labor. 」

Falsa takes his white and thin arms out of his robes and thanks the village head with a wry smile.

In fact, he is not so powerless, but he thinks it is a remark that will decrease the ill feelings if you say so.

The other three are not familiar with these subtleties, so the one responsible for negotiating is Falsa, not Yulia, who is a hero.

「 I can’t bear to have a beautiful woman deal with the body of an orc. As you can see, this is a place with only fields and everyone is used to heavy and dirty work, so please be relieved. Haha ha ha.」

The village chief returns the words with a hearty laugh.

Originally, nobody wants to help in the processing of the orcs corpse as it is smelly and dirty.

However, when it came to the combination of the three beautiful people and the seemingly powerless Falsa, it has often become cooperation like this until now.

Falsa continues to talk with the thought that men are easy and tolerant when they face beautiful women.

「 Well then, I will guide you again tomorrow morning. We’ll patrol around while you work, so don’t worry. And I’m sorry to ask, but would you please let us eat bread made of freshly milled wheat? My hero seems to want to eat bread made from fresh wheat, which is a specialty of this village. It’s her growth period, so I’d be happy if we could have cheese and milk together with it too. 」

Falsa uses an unnaturally serious tone to say the request but then its contents were a huge let-down.

The village chief was taken aback for an instant, but immediately passed on a smile and start to speak in a skill full manner.

「 Ha ha haha! certainly, Yuusha-samma has a small stature. If you don’t eat a lot and grow up, you won’t be able to get rid of the demon king. I’ll tell the owner of the inn to make tonight’s meal luxurious, to express my gratitude. 」

The meal at the inn last night was very tasteless for Falsa as well as for the other members.

It was because the whole village was abstinent as the Oak destroyed the fields and the food storage.

Since they destroyed the group, he hoped the food to be a little luxurious.

However, to directly tell that to the owner of the inn themselves is the same as backing themselves in a corner, Falsa adorned it as a joke while also winning over the village chief.

Julia, who was used as an excuse for the talk, blushed and stamped Falsa’s foot repeatedly under the table.

Although it is due to her bread remark, it is still embarrassing for a girl of her age to be considered a glutton.

「 Fal-ani idiot, idiot, idiot. I’m a hero, but I am now going to have a strange image. 」

Although she managed to raise a protest in a voice that could be heard by Falsa next to her, Falsa continues to talk the chief while feigning an innocent look.

Zenobia is folding her arms and listening solemnly while giving a smile.

The hero party is still operating normally today.


[ 1. TL NOTE: Aniue is an honorific way of saying older brother ]

[ 2. TL NOTE: In the first sentence “please allow me to give the report” it is said in a formal and polite form/manner.]


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